Monday, May 10, 2010

Miss USA 2010: A Bunch of Hypocrites. Controversy Yet Again!!

I recently stumbled over some interesting articles (here and here) on this year's Miss USA 2010. So remember Carrie Prejean -the former Miss USA 2009 winner? After the whole controversey with the same-sex marriage question, there was a "partially nude" photo of her making its rounds online. The picture featured her in her undies with her bare back turned to the camera. Nothing was shown except for her back and butt -which was covered but still she was in even more hot water for that one "racy" photo! Anyways, her contract was later terminated due to "continued breach of contract issues." I don't care about Carrie Prejean or her Miss USA controversies but this bothered me..

Lovely ladies in pretty lingerie and seductive poses. Looks like a new ad campaign for Victoria's Secret right? WRONG. These are the new Miss USA 2010 photos directly from the Miss USA organization themselves. They had all of this year's contestants take photos in this nature during a shoot called, "Waking Up In Vegas" for this year's "contestant page" photos. So now I'm wondering, "What the heck??! How does Carrie Prejean get in trouble for her one "semi racy" photo and then the people over at Miss USA this year turn around and have all 51 contestants go take photos like these? What freaking hypocrites." It's really stupid that they go and give Carrie a bunch of hell for her one photo (P.S. they later found a video too though!!) and then they go and shell out 51 just as racy photos of the new contestants.
Another thing that bothers me is like always, the media has once again turned to sex to help promote whatever they're promoting -this time it's the pageant. The whole beauty pageant thing is supposed to be about beauty, brains, and "good clean fun" for people of all ages. Yea right. I don't want my little brother/sister/cousins seeing this stuff.
I have a strong feeling that a lot of these girls are going to regret their photos. Sure they all hopped on the wagon (I read that a few were really nervous prior to taking the photos) and took the pictures but I feel as though they "had no choice." If any girls opted out of taking the photos, it would've been a huge disadvantage to them and they most likely wouldn't of had any chance of winning the crown.
Anyways, really gorgeous photos actually. I just think it's inappropriate for the pageant and for the fact that they critcized Carrie so much about her photo and turned around to do the exact same thing. To see photos of all the contestants from the "Waking Up In Vegas" shoot, click here.
What do you think of these photos? What do you think about Miss USA's decision to make the girls to do such a provocative shoot?

P.S. This post is only about Carrie's picture and these pictures of the new contestants. It has nothing to do with Carrie's answer or thoughts on same-sex marriage. This blog is a "drama free" environment and everybody is entitled to their own opinions.

*I got all the photos for my collage from the Fox News link I posted.


  1. I agree. These pictures are not appropriate for the pageant. I think no one cares to watch them anymore so they're trying to create some controversy for attention.

  2. I know!! It's so insane how females have to get naked for some publicity these days. Sadly, it's not about brains or talent anymore.

    I'd just be more OK with this if they hadn't criticized Carrie's pic last year but now they're suddenly calling those types of pics "art." Ridiculous. They need to stick to their guns -not suddenly strip down for some attention!

  3. Very well (said) written, Kali! They look so too faced!

  4. I'm a lesbian so I have strong feelings about Carrie Prejean's other issues but I will say this on subject, the shots of Carrie showed her nipples if I remember right and, crazy or not, that has always been a big distinction. A woman can show tons of cleavage as long as the nipple is covered. Remember that in the old days strippers would wear what they called a pastie to cover the nipple. Carrie's business was ALL on display ... and I think she complicated it by lying and saying it was the wind when her har was perfectly still

  5. Thank you for having a strong opinion on the topic -I really admire that. From what I knew, I was only aware of the photo of her where she had her back to the camera and was nude from waist up. I also read about the video that came out but that was after her crown was taken away. I was unaware of any "nipple" pics.

    My main point for this post though was that the Miss USA pageant has always been so supposedly "conservative" and "respectable" yet now they've had all the contestants pose in lingerie and really revealing photos. THAT is what really bothered me. I understand that in these photos, their nips were covered but they're not strippers from the Old Days nor are the VS Angels. This has turned more into a huge wannabe Victoria's Secret campaign than anything -which is so far off from what the pageant is supposed to be.

    That being said, it's not that I think the pictures are disgusting or inappropriate in general -I just don't think they're right for what they're promoting here -the Miss USA pageant. I think the photos would be perfectly acceptable for a VS catalog or ads for the new Calvin lingerie. I think it's a shame that just to promote the pageant -they have to turn to this. The already have the swim suit round!! Isn't that enough? =P

    I understand that you have strong feelings about Carrie Prejean and I applaud you for sticking to your guns. This post was not intended to offend anyone as I was simply using Carrie as an example.

  6. Not offended at all and if I came off as a little upset, my apologies, cuz she is not my fav person and maybe I should not have posted. The pageants have probably outlived their appeal so now they are turning them into soft porn to try to keep them relevant. I was only making the point that their was a significant difference between the current pictures and the Prejean pictures in terms of what is exposed

  7. No need to apologize as you were just stating your opinions. I agree and I think many can agree with you that she's not most peoples' "favorite person." Yea, you're right -the pageants have lost their appeal and they're turning to soft porn just like everyone else in the media. It's sad. Again, I was unaware of the "other" Carrie pics. I thought that those might've come out after she lost her crown but now I'm not sure.