Monday, May 17, 2010

LL, You Can Curl Me Anytime..

There was once a time when every girl, her mother, and her grandmother wanted to be with this man:

LL Cool J!! .. not the random guy on the left. No idea who he is..
And what is he up to now? Well he was just on The View -still impressing the ladies with his 41 year old self. Watch this video!!

Can you say WOW?? He still has the same banging body he had when he first entered the scene.. I think it's gotten better though. He can lift Elizabeth, Joy, and Sherri -and he did it all one after the other!

This guy wasn't just a one hit wonder like so many "rappers" of today and he actually has some talent. He puts out the perfect "lovey" hiphop songs with his smooth voice and oh so sweet lyrics. Hey, Ladies do Love Cool James. LL has been arond for decades. He's still around, still doing music, and still acting. He plays Special Agent Sam Hanna on NCIS: Los Angeles -a spinoff of one of my favorite shows (NCIS.) I don't really like NCIS LA but I think LL's is at least one of the better characters on there. The other characters are so corny and it's really too bad because I love the regular NCIS.

And remember this?? Probably one of the best hip hop love joints around.. I Need Love.

So corny yet so cool and innocent at the same time. I love LL and he can curl me anytime.


  1. LOL. He's a total cool cat. So smooth all the time!

  2. Lol, dang Kali busting out some ol' school! I saw his new book at Barnes & Noble, are you picking it up? I need love is such a classic, check out Amanda Blank's "A Love Song" and let me know what you think.

  3. Oh gosh I don't think so.. I've never really been into working out though I really need to start!! so lazy after HS. =( I saw that his other book got nearly 5 stars on Amazon (total of 88 reviews) so I'm thinking this book would be pretty good. He has the body to show for it too!

    And Amanda Blank? I've never heard of her but will look up!

  4. @ naturalnchicmakeup.. I know!! He's the smoothest of smooth.. his picture should be next to the definition of smooth in the dictionary. (corny I know) =)

  5. LL cool J! Mama said knock you out! Awesome song :D

  6. =) Aww I haven't heard that song in so long.