Saturday, May 29, 2010

Super Old.. But One of the BEST, Cheapest Hauls I've Ever Had in My Life! Plus Cherry Culture 20% Off Sale

So I've been looking through all of these pictures that I've snapped throughout the months of hauls, reviews, etc. that I meant to post when I first took the pictures but never got around to. I wanted to share this little haul with you..
This is one of the best (in terms of money saving) hauls I've ever had in my life. It was so great I still remember most the prices. During the switch from Longs to CVS last year, they had some amazing sales. Most of the NYX items hadn't even been "marked" yet so nobody knew they were on sale. I randomly asked and to my surprise, everything was around a buck! So basically I got first dibs.. that's probably why I went crazy. This is what I picked up during the sale:
1. Eyelure Lashes- $1.75
2. NYX Trios- $1.50 each! (Retail: $8)
3. NYX Single- $0.75 (Retail $5.50)
4. NYX Ultra Pearl Singles- $1.00 (Retail: $7)
5. NYX Sheer Glosses- $0.75 (Retail: $5)
6. NYX Goddess Of The Night Gloss- around $1
7. NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencils- $0.50 (Retail: $2-3?)
8. Random Wet N Wild Pencils- $0.25
9. Ardell Lashes- Around $0.75? For sure less than a buck

Funny thing is for the months I had all those NYX products in my makeup drawer, I never bothered to open or swatch them. I think I just got way too over excited about the sale so everything stayed unopen for a really long time. I ended up giving away most of the glosses (I kept 2) and then selling a few of the trios and and singles since they never got around to being used ..but I did make a hefty profit much to my surprise. I kept all the pencils -I didn't want to give these away since it's kind of icky giving someone your used or tested eyeliners! I did keep the lashes as well but I STINK at applying lashes so they haven't been used! And sadly, I still don't use the NYX eyeshadows I own! I really try my best to put my products in rotation but I never get around to using my NYX shadows! My cousin tells me I'm crazy too since she loves the trio I gave her..

Does anyone own any NYX items? What are your favorites? Anddddd, what's the best "money saving" haul you've ever had?!

P.S. Just checked Cherry Culture and they're having another 20% off sale!!!!!! If you're looking for some NYX discounts, check them out. I so so so want the LASPLASH liquid liners but I'm restraining myself from buying. The sale runs until May 31st so hurry! Use the code MD20 if yu want 20% off. Plus free shipping on orders over $40. They also have a rewards program like Sephora ($1=1point) and you redeem the points for gift cards -which saves you even more money. My last order (which was way too long ago) cost me under $20 free shipping included. Click here to see that haul.


  1. WOW crazy prices on NYX, I ordered some of the 10 colour palettes from the last 25% sale, should be coming in soon, but the prices you got are nuts!

  2. I know! LOL I was so pysched. =P Oooohh!! I hope you get your order soon. I love getting new packages. =)

  3. Aahh! I feel like I need to go shopping with you, because I'm the worst bargain hunter ever! Help me save some $$$ lol!

  4. LOL.. I love a good bargain -especially on makeup! =)

    Something that's been helpful for me is to sign up to every store/brand you like whether it's clothes, makeup, shoes, whatever! For instance, if you buy NARS at Sephora all the time, go ahead and sign up for the NARS and Sephora websites. Sometimes NARS will have a big discount sale and Sephora won't. Sephora's always putting new things in their sale section too. Also, certain stores will email you coupons for instore use. I loveeeee a good makeup/clothes haul for cheap.

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