Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: Smashbox Eyelights Trio in "Beam" (Review & Swatches)

I’ve had this Smashbox Eyelights Palette in “Beam” stored away for quite awhile and just recently discovered it and knew immediately it would be great for Nudey Tuesday. I got mine at an awesome deal on Ebay for around 20 bucks (retails for $34 in stores.)
*Warning: Beware of buying Smashbox on Ebay. Just like MAC, there is tons of counterfeit Smashbox littered all over Ebay. I do not recommend going that route but that’s what I did. I was lucky to have an honest seller who sold me the real deal but I’d just really like to warn people about fake Smashbox. I’ll do a post on counterfeit beauty products that soon.
The Packaging: The palette is contained in a fairly small palette that is compact and perfect to take along with you for touch ups. The palette is all black and made of that rubbery material (think NARS packaging) and is highly prone to getting dirty. Mine is constantly covered in shimmer and dust and it’s hard to clean! I hate that. The “Smashbox” logo is displayed in shiny black letters across the cover. Inside, there’s a nice mirror and somehow, it stays really clean. The mirrors in my other palettes tend to get all dusty due to the eyeshadows but I think maybe it’s because the formula in these shadows are just different from others. There’s also a double ended eyeshadow brush that I don’t use. One side has a sponge applicator and the other side is an angled brush (think angled liner brush) that’s made of plastic-y synthetic type material (like the brushes from the original Urban Decay Book of Shadows.)
The Product: The palette contains 3 eyeshadows (each pan is about the size of a MAC eyeshadow.) There is nothing bad about these eyeshadows. They’re powder yet they feel creamy. These shadows are soft, silky, pigmented, longwearing, not chalky whatsoever, and don’t crease. The glitter in them is fine and not gritty. There’s not fallout either and they last vibrantly on my eyes all day (I wear UDPP/TFSI underneath.)
The Color: The colors in the palette are extremely pigmented and all have a shimmery finish. They’re so vibrant that they almost give off a metallic look but they’re still soft at the same time. (Actual shadows do not have individual names.)
1. Pearly White- I hate when palettes include white highlight shades because I already own a ton of them. However, I don’t really mind this one since it’s so gorgeous. It’s a pearly whiteish ivory (but with more white) that’s shimmery and beautiful for highlighting. The only thing though is that for those who are darker (medium to dark tones), you have to use it lightly and really blend since it’s such a pigmented white
2. Bronze Nude- This is a shimmey bronzey nude shade with the slightest hint of pink. It’s got an almost rose gold look to it –just add bronze. Great for a wash over the lid.
3. Brown- Darker medium brown with copper shimmer.

Swatches.. (Didn't bother to include "flash verison" of swatches because this looks almost identical to the real life swaches.)

Above from left (no flash): Pearly White, Bronze Nude, Brown

Overall: I highly recommend this. I absolutely love Smashbox eyeshadows (along with their other products) and have no idea why so many people hate Smashbox. This palette will totally convert a Smashbox hater. The only downside I can think of is the material of the packaging and the useless brush. This is not the type of palette that you buy because it has an awesome brush (like the Tarte palettes that contain the Brush with Greatness that’s worth $24 on its own.) The eyeshadows though are perfect and I can’t find any flaws in them. So to conclude the review, I give this an A-. Why is there a minus? Because of the packaging and so so brush that’s included. Also, it’s a bit on the pricey side for only 3 shadows. So many other brands offer wonderful palettes at around the same price but include a bunch more shades.
If you’re considering buying any of the Smashbox Eyelights palettes (they come in 4 permanent colors and there are also a couple limited edition ones), I recommend all the permanent ones except for “Flash.” I owned “Flash” for awhile but recently passed it on. The only reason for this is because the olive shade in Flash is not pigmented at all and goes on a sheer, almost clear olive green (sorry I totally forgot to take pictures of swatches.) The other 2 shades are just as wonderful as the shades in this palette but I don’t see the point of spending $34 on just 2 shadows. As for the other permanent trios, “Strobe” and “Smokebox”, I’ve swatched both instore and they have the same quality as the shadows in the “Beam palette” so I do recommend those. As for the limited edition trios, like “Special Effects” and the PETA one, I’ve never tested them out.


  1. Now this is my kind of e/s palette. The swatches look sooo nice!

  2. I actually like Smashbox. The colors are more on the neutral side but their marketing is not as exciting as MAC or other brands.

  3. @ Val.. I loveeee this palette. I think it's the perfect little trio for on the go.

    @ Glad you like Smashbox. It's actually one of my favorite brands although my Smashbox collection has been growing smaller. I agree about their marketing. I wish they'd start having some cool campaigns. Smashbox is kind of like a "hidden gem" in my opinion.

  4. the colors on the palette looks great. I've been meaning to try out smashbox for a while now

  5. I love Smashbox. =) The brand has really great stuff: Glosses (super moisturizing), eyeshadows, blushes, etc.

  6. I love smashbox trios. Their pigments are awesome. This one isn't my fav, I like the one with the coral.

    Love your revlon lipstick on the side note of your page, it's gorgeous.

    Also, was quite disturbed by the below post lol.

    Thanks for the share!


    xox Laura Beth

  7. Jus discovered your blog, really interesting, I'll follow you for sure :)
    Thx for the swatch :)



  8. @ Laura Beth.. Thanks doll. =) I'm loving the Revlon gloss and it's so cheap too.

    I'm glad you love Smashbox trios and I'm so jealous that you have more than 1 (I only own 1.) I was wondering which palette you have as I'd love some corals?

    Oh and the post below.. I know total shocker right?? Well at least to me and other people who don't read labels. =P

    @ Liloo.. I'm glad you like the blog. =)