Saturday, May 1, 2010

Springtime Make-Up Bag!! Yes or No?

I briefly mentioned my new make-up bag in this post. I had been lusting for the Sephora "Poppy" Make-Up bags since they came out in February or March but knew they'd go on sale so I waited. The collection included make-up bags of various sizes (large travel, medium, pencil, etc.) and came in yellow, green, pink, and lavender in choices of solid or floral prints. I got this bad at a steal. It was originally $40 but I got it for $20 (on a giftcard) so it was kind of free. =) I was sad that they didn't have anymore of the green in store but lavender was my second choice so I got it anyways. (All the large sizes sold out online just days after they went on sale.) THEN, I went to Sephora last Tuesday and saw the green!! I almost went ahead and bought it but I talked myself out of it because there was a teensy tiny mark on it. EW! Anyways, here's the bag..
I don't really like the little pink flower keychain and matching zippers but they can easily be replaced.
Look at the inside! on the left is a huge clear zipper bag that you can take out. Then you get another medium sized clear zipper bag that attaches in the center. There's also a mirror with a lavender frame included. Then on the right is a zippered compartment (same size as the removable bag on left) but you can't take this one out. It's part of the bag. What I don't like about this is that if there's any spillage/mess, you can clean the plastic clear part but can't clean the fabric part that is part of the bag. I wish it was plastic-y all around.
This is what it looks like with the bag on the left taken out.
Fabric floral print.
And look what I found! A mark! This is smaller than the mark I saw on the green bag but I was seriously contemplating on keeping the bag because of this stupid pen mark. I hate when you buy something new and it had marks/loose threading/missing buttons/etc. Come on!! We're paying for something new -not something broken/stained/etc. If that were the case, I would've gone to a thrift store or the flea market.

Overall, I like the bag -with the exception of that pen mark. It would be better in green but lavender was better than pink and yellow would've gotten dirty. I do wish that the one compartment was all plastic-y and not half fabric because it's way easier to keep clean. It's a little big -something that I'd probably take as a carry-on or keep with me instead of squeezing it into my suitcase. This really isn't my ideal bag though. I'm looking for one of those oval-ish traincases where there's 3 compartments -1 on top, 1 in the center, and then a large 1 at the bottom. Haven't had any luck yet. I'm going a little crazy with the make-up bags though. This should be my last one for awhile. The majority of them don't even get any use! ..But I'm still looking for The One.


  1. very cute, what would you use it for, travel? or keeping your makeup in?

  2. Travel! My makeup collection would never fit in there =\ It's got a generous amount of storage space but I feel that it would be kind've big to carry around along with my actual purse. I always have space issues when traveling though so this should keep me happy for a little while.

  3. i know what you mean about looking for THE ONE. i like this one a lot, though! :)

  4. Yea.. still looking for THE ONE. Unfortunately, this isn't it LOL. I've been looking for 2 years!!

  5. Lol, THE ONE. I bought my travel make up bag at Target. Practical yes, but I don't LOVE IT.

    P.s. I've given you an award, come and check it out : )

  6. Target has lovely makeup bags! I have a Sonia Kashuk one I bought for my art pens/pencils/tools. Yeapp.. they need to invent something like -design your own makeup bag. I guess you could sew one up yourself but it's so nice having it already made for you and ready to buy in stores. =P

    Thanks for the award! I'll post it when I get the chance. And congrats on your award too. =)