Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: Milani Créme Brulip in "Sugar Glaze" (Review & Swatches)

Ok so I picked this Milani Créme Brulip in "03 Sugar Glaze) about a month ago at CVS for just $3.24 (on sale baby!!) The original price at CVS is I think $5.99-6.50 ..correct me if I'm wrong. This is a limited edition gloss from their The Créme De La Créme" collection which includes glosses and polishes in pink and lilac shades. It seemed like a very "sweet" collection so I was super excited.
The Packaging: The tube is clear and squared with a gold cap and gold text. The cap is "mirrored" so it's highly prone to grimey fingerprints. There's the ugly barcode sticker slapped on the side of the tube but you can take it off -it'll just be sticky. The gloss comes with a sponge applicator that seems more "spongey" than others. Also, I had to "re-dip" the applicator 3 times just to fully coat my lips -the tube inside the tube containing the gloss (if that makes any sense) is super tiny. You don't get a lot of product at all (0.08oz.)
The Product: (WARNING: This is long as I tested out this gloss 2 separate times/ways because I desparately wanted it to work. It's also really indepth.. maybe too indepth?? Let me know! I just always try to explain every single thing about my experience with a product.)
The first time I used it, prior to applying the gloss, I applied a thick coat of lip balm and let it marinate into my lips for a few minutes. I had semi dry lips at this time verging onto "really dry." When applying the gloss and smearing the color onto my lips, the gloss looked so wonderful and opaque. It was as if I was "painting my lips" but in a good way. I felt that the color was so rich and smooth and easy to apply. My lips looked great!! However, about 15 seconds after the gloss had been fully applied, the product started sinking into my lips lines. It enhanced  every dry flake x10 and made them peel more too, making my lips look super crusty. It looked alright from 2 or more feet away but if a person were to look closely, it's extremely disgusting.
I tried again. This time, I decided to quickly exfoliate my lips and apply a generous coat of lip balm prior to applying the gloss. With the second go, the outcome was better just because I had gotten rid of most the big flakes and dry patches but the gloss still sunk into my lip lines which is never a good look. Also, (both times) I immediately got that white film on the inner part of my lips that you sometimes get with bad gloss.
The weird thing is that even though the gloss makes my lips look dry, my lips feel so incredibly moisturized. When I removed the gloss, my lips were fairly flake free and super, super soft -better than before applying the gloss (this happened both times I tried the gloss even without exfoliating.)
The scent was very synthetic-y sweet and reminded me of the Bare Escentuals Buxom Glosses and Too Faced Glamour Glosses but wasn't as bad. Though I hated the smell, it went away after about 3 minutes (after being applied.)
The gloss didn't last too long. The "glossyness" of it went away after about an hour but the nude color and stayed on my lips for about another 2 hours afterwards which was nice since I really do like the color.
(No flash) Sugar Glaze
(With flash) Sugar Glaze
The Color: The color is a gorgeous lightish medium nude with a touch of peachy pink and no shimmer. It's very pigmented and opaque so it fully covers my medium pigmented lips.
Lip Swatches.. (WARNING: Pretty gross stuff!!)
(No flash) Sugar Glaze w/ lip balm underneath
(With flash) Sugar Glaze w/ lip balm underneath
(No flash) Sugar Glaze on exfoliated lips & lip balm
(With flash) Sugar Glaze on exfoliated lips & lip Balm
Overall: If this hadn't sunk into every single line in my lips, it would've been the perfect gloss. The positives are that the gloss is super pigmented, the color is really great, and it makes my lips soft like butter (combined with my Jack Black balm.) I also like that the smell disappears soon after applying and that it lasts and fades fairly well for a drugstore gloss. Now the major bad part is that it enhances all the lines and dry areas in my lips making them look the total opposite of kissable. I won't be using this to wear out -ever.
I give this a C+ (but it's almost a B-.) I'd give it a way higher grading it were a lip balm or treatment since it made my lips so soft but this is a gloss so I have to grade it like one. Glosses are supposed to make your lips look pretty and kissable, not dry and crusty.


  1. The color is nice but what you said about it it's not really attractiv :(
    Thx huny for sharing

  2. thats weird that the gloss makes your lips dry. yeah doesn't sound like a great product. I agree Christina > Beyonce. I'm actually so sick of Beyonce. I mean she can sing and write songs but I've been hearing her on the radio for 10 years now since destiny's child and I'm just sick of her voice! haha

  3. @ liloo.. You're welcome. =) I agree, I LOVE the color but I hate how it makes my lips look all dry and gross!

    @ Pop Champagne.. Yea, NOT a great product at all!! I'm so happy you're "Christina > Beyonce" LOL.. me too all the way. I think Beyonce has a nice voice too but she's so played out! I hear too much of her. I also think Christina's voice is way better and stronger and I wish she came out with more stuff but I guess she's at home being a mommy. =)