Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Haulage: Sephora, Shu Uemura, & CVS!!

So I've had some major studying/homework to do these past few days and it's been tough!! I've been so tired lately and have been only getting about 3 hours or less hours of sleep. Anyways, here's some randomness  I discovered this while studying.. =P

Yupp this was in my sociology book. Verne Troyer (a.k.a. Mini-Me) and Yao Ming.
Ok onto the hauls..
I picked this up from Sephora a few nights ago.
1.Sephora Collection Makeup To Go Palette in "Bronze Tones"- $15!!
2. Pucci Vivara Eau De Parfum Sample- $0
3. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Eau De Parfum Sample- $0
I love free samples. =)
Shu Uemura! This is my first time buying their lipsticks..
2. Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in "343"- $23
3. Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in "344"- $23
CVS.. I couldn't find much during the sale..
1. Milani Powder Bronzer in "Medium"- $5.99
2. N.Y.C. Sun 2 Sun All Over Bronzing Powder in "Bronze Mist" (75% off)- $1.25
3. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat (50% off)- $4.49
Online Sephora haul!! Haven't received this yet.. but so happy I finally got the LORAC Multiplex gloss in 3D!! =)
1. Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base- $23
3. Cover FX Setting FX- $8
4. Bare Escentuals Wink & Kiss Set- $0 (Free with any online purchase. Use code W895P)
Alright that's it for now!! I'm finally enjoying some free time to just relax and do nothing. =) Watching Totally Spies Right now! It's sort of like Charlie's Angels cartoon kid version.
*Collage (all pics from Sephora), Seche Vite (, and Totally Spies (google.)


  1. --Poor Yao, he (is/was) good but like many "older" players in the league, injuries have held them back from getting a ring.

    --$15, what a great find! Haven't really tried Sephora's line of makeup so let me know how you like this,

    -- I'm a Shu virgin! These lippies look really nice, love the packaging, reminds me of those renewist revlon lipsticks. I wonder who jocked who, lol.

    Totally spies, lol. I watch kid shows too, I still watch Spongebob, and I love iCarly! lol

  2. I know. =( Poor Tracy too. I love Tracy.. how in the world did he end up on the Knicks of all teams?? I heard they want Lebron now too.. I PRAY he doesn't end up over there.. I want him to get a ring someday. =P

    I don't usually buy from the Sephora Brand since it's usually a hit or miss. I've found GREAT products and really bad ones but so far, I love the bronzer. The glosses are pigmented (only swatched them) and the eyeshadows are overall fairly pigmented (but don't expect them to measure up to say Urban Decay.) They're definitely GOOD though. I'll do a review soon! =)

    I'm a total Shu virgin too. My history with Shu is mainly be stalking their Nordies counters and drooling over the products but never taking the plunge.

    My little sis/cousins all love iCarly too. I'm more of a Disney girl now but back in the day, i LOVED As Told By Ginger and a bunch of the Nick shows. And I love Patrick LOL.. I always thought Spongebob looked so weird!

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