Monday, May 3, 2010

You Knock My Socks Off

You all know the Harajuku Lovers makeup bags and things are filled with delectable cuteness. I think it could be a universal thing. I mean come ON.. 5 little cartoon girls dressed in the cutest outifts and accessories ever? Love..

So there were these last Summer..

Then these for Fall I think..
Doodle Collection (Not my favorite.. I think they could've done a way better design for such a great idea. I love the word "Doodle".. P.S. My nickname is actually Skribblez)

And then Winter rolled around and they really tugged on my heart strings. Seriously?? Winter outfits? How marvelous. I bought a few things (click here) but ended up never using the bags/wallet because I was so afraid of them getting dirty. Ended up passing them on.

Ok.. then the new Spring bags came out and I was sooooo in love. I vowed to buy a few bags as soon as they went on sale. Well they went on sale in April and I ended up not buying any since I just knew I'd get the light yellow bags dirty. Plus, I didn't want to buy them just so I could stare at them all day. Really cute though and I love their tans and little swimsuits. Too bad . =(
Sunshine Cuties Collection Omgosh I lovedddddd these so much when they first came out.

So after those went on sale, these came out. I discovered them today in the store and I nearly fainted. I don't even care if these are too light colored and I'll get them dirty because this is seriously my dream makeup bag (illustration/design wise.) Click on the linker and view the larger photos on Sephora. They have rollers in their hair and beauty products scattered everywhere. I'm so in love. Harajuku Lovers girls and makeup -in one?? Getting these as soon as they go on sale. =P I will not pay full price knowing these will go on sale in a month or 2 as the others have.

Gwen and her team were smart to start this whole Harajuku Lovers thing they got going on. She has 4 real live Harajuku dolls that perform with her, a perfume and makeup bag line, clothing line, etc. Then she also has the whole L.A.M.B. line with their spectacular shoes. So much to buy or in my case, drool over.. and so little time.

*All pictures belong to Sephora.

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