Monday, May 31, 2010

May Favorites!! ..And Sex And The City

The weather over here has been blazing hot for the last few days. It was cold pretty much the last 2 weeks which is really crazy since it's usually super hot starting late April. I'm super happy that we're finally getting some summer weather and hopefully it stays this way. What's my favorite summertime treat?
Slurpees! I love these year-round actually but they're definitely the ultimate, cheap summertime treat. Moving onto my May favorites..
1. Styli-Style Browliner24 in "Brown"- I needed a new brow liner since I dyed my hair from dark brown black to medium goldish brown but didn't want to buy a new liner. I found this in my makeup drawer -I never got a chance to use it since it never "matched" me. This is such a perfect match for my new hair color that it's almost scary. It glides on super easily and lasts all day long. Plus it's cheap at only $6 compared to my usual $19 on my MUFE brow cream.
2. Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream- This is only a sample size but I'm happy I've rediscovered this stuff. Because I have eczema, my skin is really sensitive to many lotions and creams -especially anything scented. I've been using this since I was a kid.. like 4 or 5 years old and stopped using it at 18 when I found Cera Ve. I'm using this again now -switching back and forth between the 2. The texture to this cream is really, really thick which might be great but for some, it might feel too heavy. There's also a Cetaphil lotion but I prefer the cream because it's more moisturizing for those with really dry (and/or sensitive) skin. Also, you can use this stuff anywhere you desire -both face and body. This is available pretty much at any drugstore and they sell it at Costco in sets of 2 or 3.
3. Shiseido Perfect Rouge Lipstick in "Spiced Cream"- I raved about this in my review here and still can't get enough of this lipstick. The texture is so smooth and creamy -it feels like a lip balm. The lipstick bursts with color and gives me the perfect nude lips -not too dark, not too light. I love this lippie.
4. Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40- I really need to buy a full size bottle of this stuff. I got a sample from a Nordstroms GWP awhile ago and have fallen in love with it. First off, it contains SPF 40 (although I'd still want something higher) which is a must. People, you need to wear sunscreen on a daily basis. We all know that wearing sunscreen will protect us from deadly illnesses like skin cancer and will also keepy the wrinkles and nasty sun damage away. Anyways, I think this has got to be the best sunscreen I've tried so far. It's not thick at all and feels very light on my face. It doesn't give me a gray or white cast -not even in photos, which is a big problem with many sunscreens. Also, there's no gross sunscreen smell. It doesn't have a gross taste either (don't ask! LOL) And lastly, it doesn't dry me out like most other products that contain SPF. This feels like a nomal moisturizer and I often forget it's actually sunscreen.
5. Kat Von D Autograph Eyeliner in "Black Metal Love"- I declared my love for these Kat Von D liquid liners here and am still loving them. The brush makes it so easy to achieve a thin or thick line. I love the color too -it's a true black with silver shimmer. This is a nice alternative to my usual dark brown liquid liner.
6. LORAC Cream Lipstick in "Babydoll"- I bought this about a year and a half ago. I remember wearing this every single day either alone or with Too Faced Mirror Mirror Gloss on top. The reason I love this lipstick so much is because of the color. I've never been able to find a dupe for this -it's a pale salmon with hints of pink. It's one of the best "pale" lippies I've ever found in my whole life. The reason I stopped using it was because it made my lips look super dry (because of the light color.) It also doesn't moisturize my lips (but not drying either) so I just stopped using it. I'm happy I rediscovered it though and now instead of just slicking it on like I would a normal lipstick, I instead pat it on my lips which doesn't give me that "dry effect" it normally would.
7. Milani Eye Tech in "Brown"- Since I reviewed this here, I've been using it a lot lately due to it being so easy to use. I never use it when I need my liner to stay on all day long but for shorter days, I love using it. It just goes on so easily without much effort at all and I love the natural brown color -perfect for those low key looks.
And one more thing..
I found this lovely picture of the SATC ladies the other day. I think they all look super gorgeous -especially at their age. I think Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is the cutest and has the best figure though -plus she's my favorite character. Ok back to the picture, I think there's ONE thing that's really off about one of the ladies.
Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) has extensions. From a distance, I though, "WOW! She looks so hot with longer hair!!" I looked closer though and her extensions are totally the wrong color and do NOT match her real hair color at all. I am certainly no hair expert and know nothing about hair but I'm positive this is all wrong. How could her hair stylist get this wrong?? Shame on her stylist for doing this to her! She looks great but she'd look even more gorgeous if the extensions would've matched.

P.S. I watched Shrek Forever After yesterday and if you're a Shrek fan, go see it. It's the last one! It was pretty good -I expected it to be better, but still good. It also beat out SATC (haven't seen that yet.)

*I found the SATC pic on one of the Yahoo slideshows but forgot to copy the link! Sorry!


  1. looove cetaphil moisturizer. it's my HG, I've been using it for years!

  2. yeah she does look really good with longer hair, generally I prefer women with longer hair than a short pixie cut like rihanna or posh spice's. And the shisedo lippie looks great!

  3. @ Robin.. Yupp gotta love that stuff! So happy it's been working for you. =)

    @ Pop Champagne.. I agree! She looks gorgeous with long hair! Just wish it matched her real hair. And I love Shiseido <3

  4. Lol you're so observant on Cynthia's hair. I went to watch the movie on Saturday and loved it. Although the fashion was really strange and off the wall in this 2nd movie.

  5. Slurpees! Yum, I always get one when I go to the movies! lol Which coincidently you talked about movies in this post, crazy! lol I'm not a SATC fan so I won't be catching this flick, and Shrek. I loved the first one but for some reason, did not keep up with all the sequels. However, I cannot wait for Eclipse!!!