Thursday, May 13, 2010

Too Faced Glamour Gloss in "Tickle Me" (Review & Swatches)

If you read the blog often, you’ve probably noticed that I’m a Sephora whore. I’m always either at Sephora or on their website drooling over the new products. I was super psyched when the new Too Faced Glamour Glosses ($19) showed up and all the colors online looked extremely wearable and (lots of nudes, pinks, pastels.) I love new glosses (especially in light, pinky or nude colors) and always get really worked up over them –I fantasize about of possible HG glosses packed with moisture and pigmentation.

The Packaging: I think the tubes look decently cute but they may be a little bit pre-teen Hannah Montana for some. The gloss comes in a clear tube with fancy schmancy black cursive font. There’s some pinky silver doily like detailing beneath the lid. The lid itself is a shiny subdued pink and the icing on the cake is the ginormous rhinestone stuck to the top. This is one of those things that some will love and some will hate. I’m sort of inbetween. Some days I think it’s super cheesey but other days when my Hello Kitty and Barbie love kicks in, I’m loving it.
The gloss contains a brush applicator. When I first pulled it out of the tube, the brush hairs were going everywhere in different directions. I was able to shape it back to a fine tip though by brushing it against the rim of the tube.

The Product: I chose a shimmery finish so I’m not exactly sure if the opaque colors are different. First off, let me say that I did not like the numbing feel of this gloss. It reminded me right away of Bare Escentuals Buxom glosses. I used to love those but I didn’t like the burning sensation on my lips and the way they tasted. It smells and tastes exactly the same as Buxom gloss –synthetic goodness that tastes sort of expired. The minor “burning” lasted for 30 minutes and the wear time for me was just a little over 4 hours. The texture felt nice and smooth on my lips and the glitter wasn’t chunky but it was very sticky. It felt fairly nice while on my lips (after the burning stopped.) After that, it started fading and my lips started drying up like injured prunes. After using the gloss, my lips hurt so much and started peeling.
Just a little note, I tried this gloss many times trying to get it to work. I wore it with my lips already dry, with lip balm, and then again when my lips were super moisturized and had been exfoliated. Even when I had a fresh canvas (moisturized, exfoliated lips) to start with, I'd wear it for about 2 days and it would make my lips cracked and bloody.

No flash
With flash

The Color: I noticed that all the names in the collection were pretty sexual –Sex Pot, Strip Tease, Erotic, and I know some might have issues with that. I'm OK with the names but it sort of sounds like they're trying too hard.. it's like that girl in highschool who tries to copy the slutty popular girl who was in the "in" crown first and in this case, it's like they're copying NARS (who has names like Orgasm and Deep Throat.) The names aren't as sleezy sounding as the new MUFE Microfinish Blushes though which have names like Nip Slip, Quickie, and Walk of Shame!! I like to keep my sex life in the bedroom not on my beauty products thank you very much. =P
Tickle Me- Pretty light-medium pink with a hint of coral and lots of shimmer. On my lips, the color didn't really show up -just the shimmer.
When I swatched all the colors instore though, they all looked pretty pigmented so I'm thinking that this particular is just a lot like my natural lip color which is why it doesn't show up too much.

Lip Swatches.. (Here are my lips on the 3rd try of using this gloss. See that red dot on the left side of my bottom lip, well that's what the gloss did to me. It dried out my lips and made them crack -causing my lip to bleed.)
No flash
With flash
My blahhh face. I was so sleepy. (Look at my poor lips.)

Overall: You know, I had such high hopes for this gloss. I’m even willing to put aside taste and smell that I’m not especially fond of. The big breaking point though was the terrible dryness it casted on my lips. I’m not sure if this was just the case with the shimmery colors or if this happens with all of them. I want to go try one of the non-shimmery shades but I’m worried. I don’t like the stickiness and hate the fact that it really killed my lips. The good things were pigmentation and lasting ability. I actually think I'm just the minority here since I’ve been hearing rave reviews about this gloss. My advice is to just give the gloss a chance if you're interested and if it doesn't work out, return it or give it away. I think that because my lips tend to naturally be really dry, this may have had a worse effect on me. This deserves a C- in my book so far but I'll give it one more chance with a non-shimmery shade because the shimmer could've caused the dryness. LOL, Can you tell I still have really high hopes for it?


  1. I wasn't a fan either! I love the colors but the gloss is "eh" I hate plumpers too!

    I posted your blog on my page, loved your post on beauty product ingredients :)


  2. I know! I love the colors too. =\ It's really too bad because they're all so pretty. I'm going to give it another try though when I get around too it. I'm hoping the shimmer formulas might be different from the non-shimmers. And thank you for posting my blog. =) Glad to share the info with other beauty junkies.

  3. That's a shame because it looks so pertty in the swatches! I couldn't handle a reaction like that on my lips, though, and I easily react to lip products. I do like the packaging, but not the sexual names. I'll give this one a miss. Thanks for the great review!

  4. the dryness on the lips is no good, you think that sticky stuff on the gloss would help with the dryness eh!? And yeah Charice's voice does sound a lot different than other times that she has sing! I guess it's more pop-ish. But good for her that she's doing so well! have a great weekend hon!

  5. @ Simmone.. You're welcome. =) And I know! I was really sad about it too because the colors are goregous.

    @ I know right!! Omgosh this made my lips super crusty -not an attractive look. And yea I'm confused at why they want her to sing like that now when she has such a great "originial" voice. Oh well.. I'll have to listen to her other songs. You have a lovely weekend too!!

  6. Simone.. I just noticed I made a typo in your name. Sorry!! =\


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