Friday, August 20, 2010

Did you know that T.J. Maxx carries Shiseido?!

On Tuesday, I paid T.J. Maxx a little visit. As usual, I headed straight towards the "beauty section" hoping to find something other than the usual perfumes, soaps, and shampoos. I totally lucked out! I found a few Shiseido Perfect Rouge lipsticks and Luminizing Satin Eye Color eyeshadow singles for $16.99 each (retail $25.00.) I also picked up a LiLique Blush Brush for $6.99 -I was weary since I've never heard of LiLique but from the looks of it, the brush looked really nice and fluffy.
I didn't get any eyeshadows since I hadn't researched the Shiseido eyeshadows before but I did pick up 2 lipsticks in RS701 and BE109. I didn't realize that BE109 was Spiced Cream -which I already own and love, but I was happy to find out that RS701 was Serenity -which I have been wanting forever!
Anyways, here's the brush..
Just to let you know, I'm really no brush expert but I'll try my best to review the blush brush. At first, I thought I'd really love the brush -it was big (but not too big), soft, and very fluffy. However, the minute I gave it a test run, my love faded. For some reason, it just won't apply any color to my cheeks. It does pick up some color but it won't transfer onto my cheeks -no matter how many times I try. So this is definitely not a re-buy. My Sonia Kashuk brush works a lot better and actually applies the color to my cheeks.
Product Description
As for the lipsticks, I'm not sure if I'll be keeping the Spiced Cream lipstick. Even though it's my favorite nude lipstick in my collection, I've never finish any lipstick before so I don't really see the point in having a backup. I'm really excited to try Serenity though and will be doing a review soon.
Have you had any great beauty finds at T.J. Maxx (or stores like it like Marshall's or Ross?)


  1. I've recently gone into TJ Maxx more often, but never had any luck in the beauty department. One time they had a TON of lotions/body stuffs for around $5, but I didn't pick any up because I was weary of people having tested them.
    This is perfect timing, though- I was planning on going there just now! I'll keep my eyes peeled for any beauty products. Thanks :)

  2. @ Steph.. I usually run into lotions/bath stuff when I go there too so I was super excited to find Shiseido lipsticks (my faves.) I hope you stumble over some great beauty finds while you're there today. =)

  3. we don't have tj maxx in canada! booo! and yeah I never ever finish a lipstick either. haha I barely finish lipgloss as is

  4. Aww that's too bad. =( But I'm sure you have some really great stores there that we don't have!

  5. wow the brush looks so soft! hope I can find one :) nice haul~

  6. Thanks. If you find one, I hope it works out for you. =)