Thursday, August 26, 2010

NARS 15 Year Anniversary Everlasting Love Bold Eye Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Repurchase: No
Price: $75.00
Product: 7.9/10
Packaging: 6/10
Value: 7/10
Overall Grade: C+
In the spirit of getting all my NARS reviews done, this post will be all about the NARS 15 Year Anniversary Everlasting Love Bold Eye Palette. I previously reviewed the 15 Year Anniversary Wild At Heart Bold Lip Palette nearly a year ago.
Again, I apologize for lack of more and better photos and swatches. I took all these photos last year before I knew how to fully work my camera. However, the photos are relatively accurate color-wise (for product and swatch photos) -they're just not like my usual photos.

The Packaging: The eyeshadows, blushes, and lip products are all packaged in one, sleek matte black palette. The palette is made of the same "rubbery" material that all other NARS products are packaged with. I like that the palette contains a big mirror -perfect for travel and on-the-go makeup touch-ups.
But my love stops there. I cannot stand when a palette contains both powder (eyeshadows, blush) and cream (The Multiple, lipsticks, lip lacquer) products in the same tier/compartment. Because of this, the powder from the eyeshadows/blushes tend to get mixed in with the cream products -in this case, the lip products and the Multiple.
The Product:
1. Eyeshadows- The eyeshadows were all smooth, long wearing, and had good color payoff. Both Underworld I and Underworld II (both from Underworld duo) had excellent payoff. They actually had better payoff than the Underworld Duo I purchased after buying this palette (here's the review for that.) Night Breed had very good color payoff and Edie had good payoff. Overall, all the eyeshadows worked very well and measured up to "NARS standards."
2. Blushes- The Orgasm blush worked great. It was smooth, longwearing, and pigmented -qualities I expect from all NARS blushes. The South Beach Multiple however did not live up to my expectations. I've found that cream products in palette form never live up to their "stick" form counterparts. South Beach was sheer -I had to really layer it on to get any color at all. It was average in lasting ability but was at least comfortable to wear. Overall, I didn't like it. I've swatched South Beach in it's regular "stick form" and it's so much more pigmented.
3. Lip Products- In short, I couldn't stand any of the lip products. I was thrilled to try the palette because I love nude lippies -but none of the lipsticks or the lip lacquer showed up on my lips! Again, because they are in palette/pan form, the cream products tend to me a lot less pigmented. No matter what I did, I got absolutely no color so I can't even comment on how long each shade lasted because it never showed up in from the start. Other than that, they were all on the glossy side and were semi-moisturizing. The lipsticks did seem to dry out my lips in the long run though (my lips got dry after wearing them.)
Above: NARS 15 Year Anniversary Everlasting Love Bold Eye Palette
The Color:
1. Edie- Sheer cream with fine shimmer.
2. Underworld I- Shimmery silver with slight blue tint.
3. Underworld II- Darker, silvery, slate blue with shimmer.
4. Night Breed- Deep black with silver glitter.
1. Orgasm Blush- Medium peachy pink with a coral edge and golden shimmer.
2. South Beach The Multiple- Shimmery bronzed apricot.
Lip Products
1. Belle De Jour Lipstick- Sheer beige nude
2. Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer- Sheer, creamy, medium pinkish nude.
3. Promiscuous Lipstick- Sheer, warm, golden-honey beige nude with shimmer.
4. Dolce Vita Lipstick- Sheer, natural, dusty rose.


Above NARS 15 Year Anniversary Everlasting Love (with flash) from left: Edie, Underworld I, Underworld II, Night Breed, Orgasm Blush, South Beach The Multiple
Above NARS 15 Year Anniversary Everlasting Love Palette (with flash) clockwise: Belle De Jour lipstick, Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer, Promiscuous lipstick, Dolce Vita lipstick

Overall: I ended up selling this palette. Although the eyeshadows and Orgasm blush are great quality-wise, the South Beach The Multiple, Lip Lacquer, and lipsticks don't measure up to the high quality I so often associate with NARS products. I feel like half of the palette is pretty much unusable because all the lip products are too sheer -and my lips aren't even that pigmented. I love the idea of the palette, bold eyes and nude lips, but I don't feel that NARS executed the idea as well as they could've.

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  1. Ohh I hate cream/powder products in the same palette too, can't deal with it haha :/ Sorry you weren't too impressed! At least they are gorgeous to look at! x

  2. I can't stand that! The palette is definitely gorgeous but so not worth the $75 (at least for me.)

  3. $75 is a bit expensive,I really don't like it when you buy a expensive stuff and it disappoints you .

  4. I agree! But I was able to sell it for around the price I paid so I wasn't too bothered. =)