Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wow This Girl Is Hot! Kendra Andrews.. What Do You Consider Beautiful?

So I came across this picture of Kendra Andrews (aka Erin Andrews' sister.) She's smoking hot! I love her fiery red locks and from what I can see (I have bad eyes and no zoomed in picture), I think she has green eyes -which I love! She also has an amazing figure and gorgeous smile. I think she'd be the perfect Poison Ivy.
I've always found women way more attractive than men. They're just so much "prettier" with their curves, beautiful hair, and other feminine qualities. Women are more fun to draw, more fun to dress up, and more fun to look at!
I find certain physical traits extremely attractive in guys and there are certain "preferences" that I have for women also. Here's what I find totally amazing (when it comes to women.)
1. Black hair, fair skin, and blue eyes (but blue eyes aren't a must.) My sister Rose is Persian and has very fair skin with jet black hair and I think she's gorgeous!! She also has like double D's no joke (and she's only 5 ft tall.)

2. Red hair, fair skin, and green eyes. I love red hair -even if it's totally fake. I think it's so pretty.

3. Tan and brown skinned beauties with curly/wavy locks. Simply stunning!

My "preferences" of course don't stop there.. I think all women of all skin tones, hair types, and body types are extremely gorgeous -all in their own different ways.

And what always makes women (and men too) even more beautiful?
4. Good looks and a brain. Someone that's pretty and smart is the ultimate package. If a girl is drop dead gorgeous but has no brain, then she just gets less and less attractive by the second.
5. Ladies who are ladies. I think a woman looks so much more beautiful when she has class and doesn't feel the need to show off every inch of her body 24/7. I think women are beautiful when they "leave something to hide" rather than letting their boobs and butts hang out -it's slutty and classless.
6. A lovely personality. Someone who is kind, caring, and selfless is always beautiful in my book.
7. Imperfection. I can't stand "real life" Barbie (and Ken) dolls. They're not real. I love peoples' different, unique quirks.
Kendra & Erin Andrews


  1. Yay I also practically only check out girls =) they're so much prettier, nicer, and smell better than guys ;)

    I like red hair too! So fiery and sexy! And of course I love big boobs hehe. Jennifer Tilly is like my idol right now :P

    And I totally agree with you on the brains, beauty, personality, AND class. I always say "even the prettiest makeup can't hide the ugliest personality!"

  2. Erin Andrews is pretty, but they always make her out to be quite the biatch on TMZ... ;)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. @ Erynn.. LOL me too actually -I guess they're just more fun to check out. =) I looked Jennifer Tilly up and wow.. she looks amazing for 51?!

    Definitely.. makeup and clothes can NEVER hide an ugly personality.

    @ Justine.. She is but I think Kendra's prettier! I like the red hair. =P

    I actually never watch TMZ.. But I guess we never really know celebs and their personalities -well of course unless we know them.

  5. I don't know who she is, but you're right, she is really pretty! I died my hair red once and loved it, but man it is so hard to maintain.

  6. Oh that's so cool! I had dark burgundyish red before but never red red. It seems like it would be really hard to maintain.. that and blonde.

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