Monday, August 16, 2010

Vacation Haul! Makeup, Clothes, & Disney Stuff..

During my mini-vacation, I picked up a few things here and there. I definitely didn't go all out -I was saving for Fabulous Felines and Venomous Villains.
A look at everything..
LORAC Perfectly Lit in Spotlight, LORAC Baked Matte Satin Blush in Exposed, MAC A Rose Romance. The Perfectly Lit powder was only $9!! Go pick one up!
The day before I left, I went to Sephora to pick up my free VIB Swag Bag. Sadly, they were all out (and this was the 1st day too!) but since I was really upset they were all out, they gave me a bag of samples.
Burberry, Bliss, Lancome, Clinique, BE Buxom, Givenchy
I thought this little cell phone charm was so cute! But my phone doesn't have a "hook" thingy for it.
I got these from Downtown Disney! Belle is actually my favorite but she looked funny. I thought Ariel looked the best.. All the other princesses didn't really look like themselves.
I also picked up some beads. I would've bought more but each was 90 cents -totally overpriced! I didn't even want to buy these 4 but gave in because they're adorable.
We went to the Carlsbad Premium Outlets and I picked up these Chinese Laundry "Sweet Revenge" jelly flats from Factory Brand Shoes. I ended up returning them when I got back because they were too big -they'd slip off when I walked. I LOVE the way they look -very different from anything I have but even a size 5 was too big (I'm usually a 5.5.)
 I love them..
 GAP Black/Brown Racerback dress- $17.99 on sale! This can be dressed up or down.
 GAP Ruffle Dress- $39.99. I ended up returning it because I thought it was way too expensive for what it was. Plus the quality wasn't as good -probably because it's GAP Outlet.
GAP T-Shirt Dress- $4.97 on sale. I love this dress and it was so cheap too!

GAP Cardigan- $34.99. This was another one of the things that was too expensive for what it was. It ended up being a return. I rather get one from (regular) GAP that's thicker.
At Disneyland, I got 2 Vinylmation figures. The thing about these figures is that they're in boxes with now "windows" so you can't see which one you're buying. There are several different collections but if you buy 2 from the same collection, you run the risk of buying 2 of the same kind!
I bought 2 figures (one for me and one for my boyfriend) from the Urban #2 Collection. Above are the designs included in the collection.
 Luckily, I got 2 different designs! The one on the right was actually the one I wanted -I wasn't too fond of the on the right. I don't get why they'd make one like that! It looks like someone dunked mud/poo/chocolate onto Mickey!! =O
 At Legoland, they were having "Star Wars Day" so they gave out free stuff. Here's part of a really cool poster they gave out (contains many of the Star Wars characters in LEGO form) and a limited edition LEGO brick.

That's it for my haul! I'll be doing reviews for the makeup I bought soon.