Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeshadow in Brushed Copper

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $4.99 (0.08 oz/ 2.4 g)
Product: 8.8/10
Packaging: 7.5/10
Value: 9.5/10
Overall Grade: A-

I picked up the Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeshadow Single in Brushed Copper right before I left for my trip. I was actually really lagging on reviewing it because I was totally "judging" before even trying it. Revlon eyeshadows haven't exactly been my favorite in the past so I really wasn't expecting anything extraordinary. Boy, was I wrong!

The Packaging: The eyeshadow is packaged in a matte black, plastic compact with no mirror. I really don't care for cheap plastic compacts as I'm quite clumsy and break them easily. A black, sponge applicator is also included.

The eyeshadow itself has this "accordion", zig-zag imprint that I'm quite impressed with. It gives the product a more sophisticated look and if it weren't for the plastic compact itself, I would think the eyeshadow was from a higher-end brand that I'd find at the department store.

The Product: Compared to both higher-end and lower-end eyeshadow singles, I feel like this is and excellent value for the quantity and quality. It's not priced too high for a drugstore product and compares to higher-end products while being priced at only $4.99 each.

I was pleasantly surprised with Brushed Copper as I'm used to Revlon eyeshadows being complete duds. This is pigmented, smooth, and incredibly silky feeling. It doesn't seem to stay as long as my other eyeshadows (MAC, NARS, LORAC) but with a primer, that's no problem at all. Another plus is that there is no smell and it doesn't irritate my ultra sensitive skin!

The Color: 040 Brushed Copper is a "Perle" finish that isn't very coppery at all. It's more of a light, champagne, rose nude with lots of silvery shimmer. It's almost on the frosty side but not completely. It's really a gorgeous color and would look great both on its own and paired with other colors.

Swatches (Really doesn't do the eyeshadow justice..)

Above (no flash): Revlon Luxurious Color Eyeshadow in Brushed Copper

Overall: I highly recommend Brushed Copper. I have high hopes for the other shades/finishes in the collection and can't wait to try them out. There really isn't any downside to this and I can't see anyone not liking it -unless you really hate shimmer. Other then that, it's darn near perfect for a drugstore eyeshadow.

Where To Buy: Drugstore.com, CVS, Rite Aid, Target, Walmart

P.S. Have you tried the new Frutista Freezes at Taco Bell?? I rarely go there but I had one today and my goodness it was freaking awesome. I had the strawberry one and it was like a strawberry soda slush (with more strawberry than soda) and on top, there's real strawberries drenched in strawberry syrup. It was perfect for the 102 degree weather we had today. I seriously feel bad for anyone who was stuck in traffic and had no AC.

Try them.. they're delicious.


  1. I have this :) i agree about the shade being more champagne... Dunno whats up with "brushed copper" lol :P its too light for me to use by itself so i use it as a highlight :)

  2. Yea, they totally named it wrong. =P On top of a base, it works fine for me (on the lid) but I agree it would be a great highlight!

  3. Ooh, really awesome pictures! :)

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  5. OOps I made spelling mistake so I had to delete the post anyways,I really like your nudey teusday posts and this eyeshade is so beautiful it is a bit similar to a eye shade duo by clinique but the clinique one is a little bit shimmery

  6. @ Rainy Days and Lattes.. Thank you dear. =)

    @ alvira.. Thanks! I'm so glad you like the Nudey Tuesday series.