Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Horrors of Bad Packaging: Pop Beauty Rose Belle Blush Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Repurchase: No
Price: $28.00 ($11.99 @ Beauty Ticket) (0.9 oz/ 25.6 g)
Product: 20/25
Packaging: 1.5/5
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: C+
After reviewing the Pop Beauty Bronze Belle Palette a month ago, I figured it was about time I review the Rose Belle Palette
(2 more blushes have fallen out of their pans since I received this one.)
The Packaging: The little "book" the blushes are stored in looks extremely convenient and great for travel -but it's not. The blushes aren't securely packed into their pans -causing the blushes to fall out and become crushed. At first, I thought it was because the palette wasn't "handled with care" while in transit but this happened with all at least one of the blushes in all 3 "Belle" palettes I own.
 Here's what the first palette looked like. I was lucky that the seller was so nice and was sent another.
I tried my best to salvage all the blushes. They got mixed up a bit because they were all crushed but I did my best.
Product Description & Ingredients
The Product: I think Beauty Ticket may have raised the price (I could've sworn it was just $6.99 a month ago) but either way -even if you pay the full $28.00 price, it's an amazing value. With this palette, you get 2 highlighters and 6 blushes.
I can see myself using all the shades in the palette. The highlighters are a bit pale with a light hand, they do work for me. The blushes and highlighters all have great color payoff (although 7 & 8 blend in with my skin tone) and last for about 3-4 hours on bare skin.
Now what I don't like is the way this stuff smells -like 90's drugstore makeup (very perfume-y.) Also, the blushes and highlighters are on the powdery side and and are chalky -some more than others. However, especially for the price, I can learn to manage.

The Color: (Colors are listed by number as they have no names. See above photos. All shades have shimmer.)
Left Side
1. Pale pastel pinky peach highlight
2. Pale pastel baby pink highlight
3. Deep but bright true pink
4. Bright light pink
Right Side
5. Dusty bronzed rose
6. Deep copper rose (very pigmented)
7. Medium pinkish nude glow
8. Tanned pink glow (very similar to #7)
 Above (no flash) from left: Left Side of Pop Beauty Rose Belle Palette in 1, 2, 3, 4
Above (no flash) from left: Right Side of Pop Beauty Rose Belle Palette in 5, 6, 7, 8

Overall: I don't regret buying the palette (since it was so cheap) but I definitely wouldn't purchase anymore of Pop Beauty's "Belle" palettes. The blushes/highlighters are quite nice but not worth the trouble. The packaging is horrible and the stuff smells like old lady makeup.

Where To Buy: Beauty Ticket, Pop Beauty

New Grading System.. I'm trying a new grading system so that it makes more sense. My previous grading system gave each category a grade out of "10" -but the grade didn't total up to the "right letter grade" as I weighed more of the grade on the product than the value and packaging. So, I've changed the maximum scores for each the product, packaging, and value so that it's clearer to understand -this way the actual "overall grade" will make more sense mathematically. Hope this makes sense! And if you're curious about how the previous review grades worked, my overall "thoughts" are based mainly on the product and overall grades.


  1. Very gorgeous shades! :) But bad packaging! =/ I've always been skeptical about "book" packaged makeup :p This confirms my suspicions, I guess. But it's awesome how you saved them from being thrown away :D

  2. That sucks that it got destroyed :( 4 looks very pretty though!

  3. @ Rainy Days and Lattes.. I tried my best. =) Hopefully not all "book" packaging is this bad though. I think Pop Beauty just packaged them way too loosely.

    @ KittenMittens.. I know! All the shades are nice but packaging stinks.