Sunday, August 29, 2010

NARS Bridal Palette Review, Swatches, Photos

Repurchase: No
Price: $60.00
Product: 21/25
Packaging: 3/5
Value: 8/10
Overall Grade: B
The last of the NARS palettes to review is the Bridal Palette. After hearing so many rave reviews, I was really excited for this -but it didn't live up to my expectations.
The Packaging: The products are packaged in traditional NARS packaging -a matte black, rubbery palette. I like the big mirror that's included -perfect for travel. However, I mentioned in the review for the Everlasting Love palette that I hate when powder and cream products are packaged together. All the powder from the eyeshadows and blushes get mixed into the lipsticks and lip lacquer -sort of "contaminating" them.
The Product:
1. Eyeshadows- The eyeshadows were pigmented, smooth, and long lasting. Of the 4, I felt that Nepal and Ondine had excellent color payoff. Night Fever and Edie only had average/good payoff. Night Fever is a little hard to work with. I've read from several reviews that it's just plain black when applied but you really have to layer it on to see the violet flecks. Also, I found it difficult to blend.
2. Blushes- Like the eyeshadows, both blushes were smooth, pigmented, and long wearing. Orgasm had better color payoff of the 2 but Albatross still had good payoff. Helpful Hint: With Albatross, use a light hand if you're tanner/darker. It appears white on my skin when I use too much.
3. Lip Products- Like the Everlasting Love palette, I felt that the lipsticks and lip lacquer were all on the sheer side. Each color only gave me a slight "tint" of color -not what I wanted. (Baby Doll Lip Lacquer doesn't show up on my lips at all!) I'm positive that this has to do with the fact that these are packaged in pan/palette form because I've swatched the lipsticks (in regular stick form) and they're all much more pigmented.
Other then that, the lipsticks and lacquers were comfortable to wear and were semi-moisturizing. The lipsticks, however, dry out my lips over time.
Above: NARS Bridal Palette
The Color:
1. Nepal- Muted, almost tanned, rose with pearly shimmer.
2. Ondine- Muted plum with a hint of taupe and gold shimmer.
3. Edie- Sheer cream with fine shimmer.
4. Night Fever- Smokey black-violet (more black than violet) with violet flecks of glitter. (This definitely could've been more pigmented and intense.)
1. Orgasm Blush- Medium peachy pink with a coral edge and golden shimmer.
2. Albatross Highlighter- Cream with golden shimmer. This gives a warm, luminous glow and has a really nice sheen to it.
Lip Products
1. Mitzi Lipstick- Sheer, rosey strawberry (think real red strawberries) pink with shimmer. (This is nearly the same color as my lips and only darkens them a bit.) If this actually came out like the swatch displayed on the NARS and Sephora sites, I'd be in love.
2. Baby Doll Lip Lacquer- Light, shimmery pink with a slight hint of peach. (Doesn't show up on my lips.)
3. Sexual Healing Lipstick- Metallic bronzed rose with a slight peach tint and silver shimmer.
4. Roman Holiday Lipstick- Sheer pastel pink. On the lips, the true color doesn't show much and gives a pinkish tint.

Above NARS Bridal Palette (from left): Nepal, Ondine, Edie, Night Fever, Orgasm Blush, Albatross Blush
Above NARS Bridal Palette (from left): Mitzi lipstick, Baby Doll Lip Lacquer, Sexual Healing lipstick, Roman Holiday lipstick

Overall: Along with the Everlasting Love and Wild At Heart Palettes, I've since sold this palette. I feel like the palette is pretty good overall -if you like all the shades. I really wish the lipsticks and lacquer were more pigmented but the eyeshadows and blushes were overall good/very good.
On the upside, this is a palette that will work with most skin tones as it's very subtle and natural. The palette is true to its name and would work very well for bridal looks (although I'd prefer other products for my own bridal look myself.)

Where To Buy: NARS


  1. Wow, $60 is a pretty hefty price for a palette that has very sheer lip colors. I agree, pan items always seem to be less pigmented than the actual lipsticks. The palette has such a nice name to their collection, but I don't know if I could justify buying that for full price. The Albatross highlighter is really nice though! :)

  2. That price is crazy! I don't like when places mix cream with powders either. I feel like I'd be wiping my eyes on my lips with all the fallout that merged it's way in there!

  3. @ Rainy Days and Lattes.. Agh don't you hate how the "pan" form is less pigmented?? And I think only people who can use everything in the palette can justify the price. What's the point of spending $60 if you can't use the whole thing?? =P

    @ KittenMittens.. Yea, after buying 3 of these NARS palettes, I've finally learned! But never again. =O

  4. $60 for that?! hmmmm. not very pigmented too. I dunno I think it's a bit way too much haha. Sometimes I think nars just try to ride out their name with cheaper products for more profit...

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  6. @ Pop Champagne.. I definitely agree that NARS can be very overpriced. They do offer some very nice products but I think if you're going to hike up the price, then you need to always produce a GREAT product.

    @ Rakhshanda.. Thanks. =)