Sunday, August 15, 2010

Random Snapshots Vol. 4: Great America

Last last week, I went with little brother and hubby to Great America again..
The Sonic and Scooby Doo are my little brother's and the Clippers teddy bear is mine. =) Boyfriend won it for me -he calls it B.Diddy. But I'd call it the vanilla chocolate clean shaven version of B.
Look at all these Keroppi's! I wanted one so bad but was too scared to play the game. Once I start, I'll want to keep going until I get one and the game's pretty much based on luck.
I love this huge pink hippo!
Little bro.
Us on one of the rides.
View of the park ..or at least some of it.
And I love this! Look at all those different flavors. I asked my bf, "Is the yellow lemon or banana?" ..and he said, "Come on Kal, it's yellow!" LOL.

I'll be posting some more pics from my recent mini-trip to southern Cali soon and some hauls. I'm so bummed though because 400+ of my Disney pics got ERASED!!!!!! I didn't check if they'd transferred correctly before I deleted them off my camera. Big fat UGHH..


  1. kali you and your brother are so cute ,I love these posts .It is so sad that your pics got erased

  2. Aww thanks! Yea, I was so upset! Somehow they got corrupted.. I still have a few pics though. =\