Sunday, August 15, 2010

What are you getting from MAC Venomous Villains? My very short list..

I wasn't going to post anymore today but I had some time so I wanted to talk Venomous Villains. Last night I mentioned that the Venomous Villains swatches were up on Temptalia. Swatches of the entire collection have been up on Speckra for quite awhile now and while I appreciate those -Christine's swatches are so much clearer and in better lighting. =)
Back when I first heard news that MAC would be collaborating with Disney, I swore to save up all my pennies for the collection. When the collection details came out, I wrote down around 15-20 products that I had to have. When the product pictures came out, my list shortened. When the Specktra swatches came out, it shortened even more to just the beauty powders and a lipstick.
Once Christine had posted pictures of the entire collection, I was re-amped and hopeful that my list would grow again. This of course wouldn't be good for my wallet but I really wanted to haul some good Disney stuff. However, I've finally gone through every swatch (about 5 times over) and don't have anything that I really want -I actually dropped more items from my list.

What's on my list?
1. Toxic Tale lipstick from the Evil Queen collection- I don't even wear this color and usually stick to pale pinks and nudes but Toxic Tale is very pretty. If I get anything from the collection, it'll be this since I can't see myself walking away with nothing. My only concern is that I really don't love MAC lipsticks -I haven't used one in months. I've told myself that I wouldn't buy anymore but I guess for this beautiful shade and the fact that it's Disney, I'll have to deal with the not-so-friendly texture (MAC lipsticks usually dry out my lips no matter what finish it is.)
2. Her Own Devices beauty powder from the Cruella de Vil collection- I technically don't need this nor do I really want it because I already have highlighters that appear to be similar in color. The problem is I love Cruella de Vil -she's my favorite Disney villain. None of the other Cruella stuff interests me so I just might get this.

While some of the other products look very pretty, I don't see anything that really "stands out." And most the things that I could be interested in, I feel like I already have dupes of and I'm sick of wasting my money on things I already have. Some of the lipsticks and lipglasses look interesting but I don't really love MAC lip products -lipsticks are too drying and lipglasses are too sticky! I have MAC lipsticks that I love (because of the shade) but they require so much work. I'd really love to have Innocence, Beware! (from Cruella de Vil) but Christine noted that it was very drying and emphasized every imperfection of her lips. So many of my beloved MAC lipsticks do that already and I really don't want to add another one that will never be never used.
As for the packaging, I've already stated how tacky I think it is. However, I do think Christine's great HD pics really helped the packaging look better. I think the products with the worse packaging were the eyeshadow singles (from Evil Queen & Cruella de Vil.) What's up with the floating heads?? To me, the products with the best packaging were the lipglasses (Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil, Maleficent.)
Alright, I hope this is my last post on Venomous Villains until September 30th (the launch date.) Are you excited? What are you hauling?

Photo from Temptalia


  1. I was so happy to see Temptalia's pictures & swatches lol! Which totally changed what I was thinking about getting too XD I'm liking the Evil Queen Strange Potion Lipglass, Bite of an Apple Blush, and I'm a little on the fence about the Oh So Fair Beauty Powder. Also undecided about the Cruella de Vil Her Own Devices Beauty Powder and Innocence, Beware! lipstick -- I like the color but I have really bad lip lines too, and I don't have much patience to exfoliate and prep my lips often :(

    I still hate the packaging tho >_< I do agree that Christine's HD pics does make it look a LITTLE less tacky... but it's still pretty tacky! -__-; Despite all the things on my list, I think the only thing I'll actually end up getting is the Strange Potion Lipglass because that packaging appeals to me the most out of everything :P

    ...and it doesn't help that the prices are upped too :[

  2. I wanted innocence beware, but after seeing it on the lips...ehhh. I like Toxic Tale, but I think I have a lipstick that looks just like it. I think the only thing I still want now is the briar rose beauty powder. I hear you on the glosses, they are really sticky! Too bad, I really like the looks of strange potion lipglass.

  3. @ Erynn.. Great list! I really wish I had more on my list.. agh. I really want to get one of the Cruella lipglasses since I like that packaging best but I'm really not into either of the shades!

    P.S. I like Innocence, Beware! lipstick too but I'm scared to get it since the other MAC lipsticks already look so dry on my lips.

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. That's how I felt too (about Innocence, Beware!) And I only buy lipglasses when I really love the color. Strange Potion is really pretty but I think I might have something like it -you should get it if you like the shade!

  4. I want the Cruella de Vil too. I like her. and her coat! actualyl I just love her coat. LOL speaking of Cruella, there's this new woman hired that sits close to me at work and she kind of looks like Cruella hahaha I'm so mean but gosh does she look and sound like her!

  5. That's so funny she looks and sounds like Cruella de Vil!! Does she dress like her too?!