Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Snapshots Vol. 2: Vacationing @ Legoland!

So I mentioned yesterday that I was in San Diego.. we were off enjoying the day at one of my favorite amusement parks -Legoland!!
A Lego Vacation! This display was located just in front of the entrance. I love the details that they put into the Lego creations.
I spot a giraffe! ..My favorite animal.
And another 2! There was also 1 more to the left.
Granny's Apple Fries. Legoland is sort of known of these. They're so freakin' delicious. I tried some at Great America and they were NASTY -some were warm and some were frozen and the cream was just regular ol' whipped cream. Granny's Apple Fries are warm, crispy, and perfectly seasoned. The vanilla sauce is like whipped cream but not -you can taste the difference.
 The Lego caricatures are AMAZING. Here is the artist transforming my little brother into "lego form." You can add whatever you like -the only thing my bro asked for was that he had no shirt!! I have no idea why..
Here's my sister. We all went with "beach themes" -I really love her lego mermaid.
And here's mine! I'm a lego hula girl and I really think it looks like me. My boyfriend laughed at how he even drew on my mole (on my lip.)
 Here's an example that they had on the cart. This really looks like my boy's mom.
 Disney Princesses!
Star Wars!
The kids.. It was Star Wars Day and they gave out free stuff and some really neat prizes. Sadly, we didn't win.. my bro was so bummed out. He's REALLY good at building things with his legos -he's better than people older than him! And I'm not even saying that because he's my little bro.. he's really good at legos, puzzles, and anything that requires building and putting pieces together.
My little brother climbing a burning building!!
My sister sitting with a random old man.
This was on one of the walls leading to an Egyptian themed ride. I love how he's building a pyramid out of lego bricks.
Lego telephone booth!!
I don't have to explain this one.. (Sorry for terrible quality. There was absolutely no lighting since it was closing time and I didn't know what setting to use to make it look better!) Again, I love the creativity and little details.. This was just a tiny "room" inside a very large lego building inside a whole New York City made entirely our of legos.

That's it for today. I'll be in LA soon -I'm hoping I can get a post up for tomorrow (the usual Nudey Tuesday) but I'm not totally sure if I can! So I apologize in advance if I don't. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Please do not copy or repost any of these photos. This post contains pictures of my family -I'm sure you understand.


  1. Your siblings are so cute and your lego form painting is lovely especially the eyes

  2. Wow, I didn't even know they HAD a legoland, this looks like a pretty cool place!

  3. It's AMAZING! One of my favorite places actually.

  4. P.S. I actually enjoy it more than Disneyland!!