Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sandals + More Hello Kitty Lovin'

I did a tiny bit of hauling last week. I learned from Petite XXS that Bing was having 40% cashback on most Endless orders so I thought what the hey, on sale sandals + 40% cashback = a sweeeeeet deal. Plus, Endless has free shipping (usually overnight or 2 day) free return shipping, and doesn't include sales tax in the orders (not sure if applies to all states.)

I bought the BC Footwear "Oh Sailor" Sandal in Cognac (SALE-$27.41, after Bing cashback-$16.45.)

Beware of not-so-pretty feet. If you dread looking at feet (I totally do), then exit this page immediately!!
The Look: I really like the style and color -I've been looking for a good nude-ish pair of sandals for forever. I don't own any nice sandals and I'm so sick of flip flops. I really like the criss-cross detailing of the straps and the sandals look great with jeans, shorts, dresses, and pretty much every summer outfit.
How They Fit: I bought a size 6 (the smallest size avaliable) even though I'm a 5.5. Most of the time, I can totally get away with a 6 -usually in flats and sandals and sometimes in heels.
For these, there was no way of getting around it. They were way too big. (In the photo above, my heels are pressed down all the way to the backs of the sandals). My toes hit right at the top straps -way too big for me. Also, the sandals are way too wide for my feet -especially around the ankle. I can slip the sandals on and off without undoing the zippers.
The Verdict: They're going back. I'm sad that they don't fit since they're pretty and super cheap but there's no point in keeping shoes I'll never be able to wear.

I also went to the mall last week looking for my brother's birthday present. I had some time to kill so I looked around for myself too -there was nothing. I ended up buying another Hello Kitty ring to add to my collection and some gum (Cola is one of my faves.) My mom also got me a Buzz Lightyear LEGO keychain from the LEGO Store (my brother's bday theme was LEGOs.)
 This is actually a "horoscope ring." I'm not a Pisces but I just loved the Mermaid Hello Kitty!

That's it for my teeny tiny haul -not the most exciting stuff. I'm off to a relaxing day filled with no schedules or chores and lots of eating -it's much needed.
For the last week or so, I've been working (along with my mom) on my brother's birthday party (which was yesterday.) It's been so chaotic and tiring. On Thursday, I spent about 4 hours total making "LEGO" Rice Krispies treats and then stayed up for another 5 hours (until about 4AM) baking cookies. I didn't have any cookie cuters and had to measure and cut each of the 80+ pieces by hand!! On Friday, I spent nearly 10 hours frosting the cookies, cleaning, and doing loads and loads of dishes. Then Saturday was spent doing all sorts of things and getting ready for the party -I was still in my PJs/cleaning clothes at 5PM when the guests were arriving!! I'm so glad it's all done.
Have a lovely, relaxing Sunday everyone. =)


  1. Haha loove the ring! And I love those sandals, they are the perfect nude shade for your skintone! xx

  2. Aw, those sandals were cute! Too bad they didn't fit.

  3. Too bad they didn't work out for you... did you order anything else that's a keeper?

  4. Ring is so cute and so sad that the shoes didn't fit they were so pretty

  5. @ Ariel.. Thanks! And the sandals ARE the perfect nude for me but they're just too darn big. =(

    @ Maria Elizabeth.. I know! Totally bummed but hopefully I can find something else.

    @ PetiteXXS.. Nope, only ordered these! I'm kicking myself for not ordering more.

    @ alvira.. Thanks. =) And I'm going to try and find some other, smaller sandals.

  6. Too bad the sandals didn't fit, they're really cute! It's good the the return shipping is free...
    aaww, you're so sweet! Doing all that work for your brother's birthday party, I wish I had a sister like you to make me home made rice crispy treats. Except I would have a Paul Frank birthday party lol. Hopefully you got some well deserved rest and "me" time.

  7. LOL Paul Frank! That would be awesome.

    And I DID get some "me" time!! It felt absolutely wonderful.

  8. Those sandals were cute!
    I love it ;)

  9. I love the ring! It's so cute. Too bad the sandals didn't work out cause they look very cute on you.

  10. @ Clau.. Thanks. =)

    @ Kristie.. Thanks Kristie =) Yea bummed about the sandals but hopefully I can find another pair!