Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: NARS Modern Love Eyeshadow Palette

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $55.00 (0.31 oz/ 9 g)
Product: 9.5/10
Packaging: 8.5/10
Value: 8/10
Overall Grade: A-
To achieve my goal of finishing all my NARS reviews in the next 2 weeks or so, I decided to feature the NARS Modern Love Palette for this week's Nudey Tuesday product. The palette isn't entirely "nudey" and "neutral", but it does contain everything you need to create a beautiful natural look.
The Packaging: The 6 eyeshadows are packaged in your typical NARS packaging -a matte black, rubbery compact. The palette also includes a mirror for easy, on-the-go use.
The Product: Other palettes that contain around the same amount of product typically run for around $30-40 so to me, this is a little on the pricey side. However, when it comes to being a NARS value, this palette is cheaper than buying the shades individually.
I love good NARS eyeshadows. Like with any other brand, I have tried a few shades that were lacking in quality but as a huge NARS fan, I can proudly say that each of these 6 shades in this palette are nicely pigmented. Some are better than others but each shade is at least very good in terms of color payoff. Along with the great pigmentation, the eyeshadows are soft, smooth, and easy to blend. They last all day over a primer and look as good as new when the day's up.
The shades of Modern Love <3
Top Row: Alhambra, Jezebel, India Song. Bottom Row: Tokyo, Habanera, Pandora.
The Color:
1. Alhambra- Light, peachy champagne nude with a hint of pink and pearl shimmer.
2. Jezebel- Medium reddish brown with red and copper shimmer. (Most pigmented of 6 shades.)
3. India Song- Ash brown with golden shimmer.
4. Tokyo- Beige with pearl shimmer.
5. Habanera- Dark, taupe-y purple with silver shimmer.
6. Pandora- Matte black. Although the color payoff is good, this could've been more pigmented. However, because it's a matte eyeshadow, I won't be too picky as very, very pigmented mattes are hard to find.
Above (no flash) from left: Alhambra, Jezebel, India Song, Tokyo, Habanera, Pandora
Above (no flash) from left: Alhambra, Jezebel, India Song
Above (no flash) from left: Tokyo, Habanera, Pandora

Overall: The palette is extremely versatile whether you want a neutral or more dramatic look. You can either use a bunch of the shades (from the palette) together or add other eyeshadows (from your singles and other eyeshadow palettes) to come up with even more looks.
I love this palette -it's actually the best NARS palette I've ever gotten. It's very rare for every single shade to be great quality-wise while also loving every color in the palette. The NARS Modern Love Palette definitely succeeds my expectations of a good eyeshadow palette.
Where To Buy: NARS Cosmetics


  1. Gorgeous! I wish I could justify buying this!

  2. I could totally justify buying this!!!
    gorgeous shades
    i want it!!!
    thanks for the swatches

  3. I totally think their eyeshadows are over priced, but I do love Strada. It's my favorite color! This palette is a good buy I guess I just didn't love the colors.

  4. @ PoorCollegeStudent.. To me, it's really a great purchase because all the shades work for me. Check to see if you like the shades -if you like all 6, I'd say go for it! =)

    @ Kaitlyn.. Great! And you're welcome. Glad it helped.

    @ Laura Beth.. Yea I agree, NARS products are pretty overpriced compared to the other brands at Sephora but I just love NARS. Sometimes I run into complete duds but I totally love the palette since all the shades are pigmented and work for me.

    I haven't tried Strada but I'll be looking into it now!