Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sephora Collection Tricks of the Trade Eyeliner Last

Repurchase: No
Price: $6.00 (Original $14.00) (0.12 fl oz)
Product: 7/10
Packaging: 8/10
Value: 9/10
Overall Grade: C-
I saw the Sephora Tricks of the Trade Eyeliner Last in the sale section of Sephora and I was excited for the promised it offered. The Tricks of the Trade  Eyeliner Last is supposed to help your liner last longer, keep it looking vibrant, and prevent it from creasing and smudging.
The Packaging: The Eyeliner Last comes in a tube with a wand attached to the lid like most liquid liners. The brush is decent -I have to "double dip" to apply the Eyeliner Last over the entire liner on just one eyelid. I like the sleek pewter color of the tube as well.
The Product: I really don't like this. I expected it to just "seal" my eyeliner without changing the way it looks. However, it changes and sheers out the color, gives it a shiny finish (I rather have my matte eyeliners remain matte), and is a little clumpy. As for staying power, it's pretty good but does rub off if my eyes water or if I rub my eyes. Also, it leaves a slightly sticky finish which I don't like.
Liquid liners are generally pretty long lasting on me (without primer or a sealant) so I did the "sleep test." After napping for a few hours, my eyeliner had faded a rubbed off a bit. My eyeliner did hold up better with the Eyeliner Last but not by much. However, I'd say that my better liquid liners hold up better than a "good" liner paired with this Eyeliner Last on top.
I also heard of people applying this over eyeshadow as an adhesive base for loose glitter. I tried that but I hated it! This sheers the eyeshadow out a lot making the color dull and doesn't even "grab" a lot of glitter.
 Above (no flash) from top to bottom: Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eye Liner in Brown, Milani Eye Tech in Brown with Sephora Tricks of the Trade Eyeliner Last on top
Above (no flash): Eyeshadow with Eyeliner Last & loose silver glitter on top

Overall: I seriously hate this stuff. My liquid liner and eyeshadow looks better without the Eyeliner Last. Also, it only helps my liner to last a little longer -nothing to rave about. I rather invest in good eyeliners than buy cheap/not-so-great ones and add this Eyeliner Last on top.
Also, I really cannot see how this got a high 4/5 rating on -maybe I got a defective one? I wanted to give this a D+ but I guess it is average as it does help my liner last longer -plus, the packaging and value is pretty good.

Where To Buy: Sephora


  1. aahh, looks like this stuff sucks. At least you didn't pay full price...
    i love napping!

  2. mmm this sounds more like a gimmick. Good thing you didn't pay full price for it.

  3. @ Val.. Eh.. it doesn't totally suck but I wouldn't call it good. =P I <3 Napping. I love it so much!!

    @ Kristie.. Yea. I really don't understand why it's rated high (4/5 stars) on!!