Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Monday's Hauls: I need your help??

I went out Monday night -just shopping and eating with some of the girls. I only picked up a few things but here's what I got:

I stopped at Sanrio to pick up the Little Twin Stars ring I wanted on one of my previous visits. I wanted to redeem my stamp card (with the new stamp cards, if you have it fully stamped, you can redeem it for $5 off your purchase.)
Little Twin Stars & My Melody rings- I paid a total of $1.64 (includes tax!)
The cashier/Sanrio employee was so kind. I told him about my terrible experiences with another Sanrio I frequent so he gave me extra stamps (on my stamp card), 2 trinkets, and the last limited edition 50th anniversary bag they had.
I was ecstatic -I had been waiting for the trinkets to come back. I used to collect them when I was little and I'm trying to rebuild my collection again. I was also extremely happy that I got the bag -I'm so in love with it. The smallest things can make me so happy.. =)
Everyone wanted to stop at Wet Seal so I looked around. I was really surprised to find something that I absolutely loved since I don't really shop there. I bought the French Terry Wrap ($15.50) in tan/olive stripes. I really didn't like the striped versions but they ran out of my size in the solid oatmeal (the one I really wanted) and the black.
I didn't get it at first but just as the mall was about to close, I ran back to the store and bought it. I love the cut, fit, and side pockets -but I feel like the stripes make me look like a clown. I also don't like the material -it looks cheap.
Some parts of both photos look blurry -it's because I really need to give my mirror a good washing so sorry about that!
What do you think?? I need your help. Should I keep it? It really stinks because they don't give refunds -only store credit. I was going to return it and then buy the oatmeal color online but it's just such a hassle. So, please help me decide! I can be so indecisive.
And lastly, I went to Sephora and got a sample of Make Up For Ever glitter in #4 -the one I've been really wanting. I can finally cross this off my list. I really don't need the full size so I'm totally happy.. plus it was FREE!

That's it for my Monday hauls. Let me know what you think of the sweater/wrap from Wet Seal. Should I keep it?


  1. If you don't like the stripes, then you should return it and buy the oatmeal online. I can see how it would be much more versatile in solid oatmeal!

  2. Thanks for the advice. I know it makes so much more sense to get the oatmeal but it feels like a bit of a hassle. =\

  3. From what you said, it sounds like you already made up your mind! I'd say don't keep it if you don't love it, cuz you probably won't wear it!

  4. Well I think the one you got is really cute on you, but again, if you think you'd wear the oatmeal one more you should probably get that one. That's what I would probably do. :)

  5. (I meant to add that I hate when stores won't give you back your money whatsoever- like I understand if you wait too long or take the tags off of something, but when they don't give you any option it's really frustrating! Especially for those of us who change our minds, haha. I'm the same way.)

  6. @ PetiteXXS.. You're totally right. I'd probably wear this one a few times but I'd wear the Oatmeal over and over -a little scared about fit though since it's different material.

    @ Steph.. Thanks for the advice.

    And I absolutely HATE when stores do that (ahem Forever 21!) It makes no sense why they can't at least give you a refund if you return it within a days.

  7. I think it is looking good on you but if you don't like it you can return it and get the other one but this one is not bad to be honest I like it.The rings are co cute,you have a lot of rings why don't you do a post on all your lovely collection I am sure everyone will like it.

  8. I love it, just not with shorts for some reason. Love the grey and pink together :)

  9. @ alvira.. Thanks for the advice! I'm actually planning on doing a post on my Hello Kitty/Sanrio jewelry collection since I just love them so much. I need to try to find all the rings first though since I've lost quite a few (in my room.)

    @ Laura Beth.. LOL that was the outfit (white tee & shorts) that I was wearing the night I bought it so I just threw the sweater on. Thanks for the advice. =)

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