Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Writings Vol. 1: JADA from Tupac Shakur IV Jada Pinkett

You may or may not know that one of my other favorites "hobbies", besides makeup, is writing. I love reading and writing poetry, lyrics, stories, etc. I wanted to start a little series where I share some of my favorite poems, lyrics, and possibly short stories -although they may be too long. I know this is totally non-makeup related but hopefully some of you like the series.

Here's a poem written by Tupac Shakur titled, "Jada." He wrote it for Jada Pinkett Smith.

JADA (4 Jada)

U r the omega of my heart
The foundation 4 my conception of love
When I think of what a black woman should be
It's u that I first think of

U will never fully understand
How deep my heart feels for u
I worry that we'll grow apart
And I'll end up losing u

U bring me 2 climax without sex
And u do it all with regal grace
U r my heart in human form
A friend I could never replace

I remember reading way back that they were actually once together and/or engaged. I'm not sure if any of that is true but they went to school together (before either of them were famous) and were really close friends.

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  1. oh wow, I had no idea they were together, that is juicy! I liked the line "U R my heart in human form" that's really beautiful!

  2. I'm not positive they were together but you can tell he really cared about her. *sign.. what he says IS really, really beautiful.

  3. This poem is so sweet ,I love poetry I am so happy you started this series.My most favourite poems are 'I carry your heart'by ee cummings and 'when times get tough' by Amy L Machado these are wonderful poems you can search them on internet if you want to read them .The poem by Amy L Machado is for women suffering from cancer and it is a great poem I am sure you will like these too

  4. Aww I'm glad you like the series. =) I will definitely check out both of those poems. I'm so happy you're into poetry too.

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