Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally.. Non-Makeup Haul

My sister from another mother, Rose, flew into CA about 2 days ago unexpectedly -we made plans to hang out immediately. Yesterday, we took a relaxing trip to the mall walking lazily through the mall, eating free chocolate samples, and filling our tummies with yummy mall food. I didn't buy any makeup either! I actually kept to my list and steered clear of buying any makeup that wasn't on my list -I even skipped out on things that were on my list since I really want to save up.
I also got a chance to stop into MAC and finally see In The Groove in person. Their displays were so messed up -blushes, lipsticks, and MSFs were missing (even the non-sold out products.) I didn't even get to swatch Stereo Rose (they sent it back already since it sold out.. STUPID) so I guess I'll never, ever see it in person. I could've gone to the MAC counter at my Nordstrom but by now I was already so sick of them and even didn't want to bother. Anyways, here's the teeny-tiny haul!
Forever 21 and H&M
Forever 21 Dress Tribal Print Dress- Rose and I got the same dress! She wanted to wear them for the rest of the day -she has this weird obsession with us wearing matching outfits! =P (I admit, it's fun though. We're like kids that our mother dresses in matching outfits.. We actually have bought dresses, shorts, etc. in the same style but different color.)
H&M Shorts- I've been looking for some medium length, non-booty shorts for forever and these are perfect -except for the fact that their high-waisted! I figured I could put my top over it though and no one would notice.
H&M Lace Tank- Really cute but way too long -it goes past my butt. I'm going to have to shorten it.
Honestly I was really surprised at what I got because I rarely shop at Forever 21 or H&M. It's not that I don't like these stores -they're just always so messy (mainly Forever 21) and have too much clothing that it overwhelms me! Also, often times, the material 75% of the clothing is made of feels super cheap and will not last. (My mom was a fashion designer and since I was little, she always, always, ALWAYS told me to buy clothing of quality rather than a bargain top that will rip after a few washes. It actually saves you money in the long run -even if you have to pay a bit more.) I always get so tempted to buy their cute jackets and coats but when you go to touch the fabric, the material feels so icky. The items I got seem pretty decent though -especially for the price.

Dressing Room Pics..
Sleepy, lack-of-makeup face.
I look odd.


  1. LOL I bought that same tank top at H&M this weekend! They are long, but I just ruffle it up around my hips and it works fine.

  2. Cute dress! I love summer cause I can finally put on some dresses and feel all girly.

  3. You two are adorable in the matching tribal dresses!

  4. @ Justine.. Oh that's too funny! I did the same thing but I guess because I'm super short, it looks funny bunched up on me. I think I have to hem it up or fold it in.

    @ Kristie.. Thanks. =) Do some OOTDs! I'd love to see your pretty dresses.

    @ PAG.. Thanks =)

  5. I love the dress! That's so cute that you're matching =]

  6. @ Alvira.. Thanks! =)

    @ Simone.. Aww.. thanks Simone! =)

  7. so pretty! i love that dress :)