Thursday, July 1, 2010

MAC Venomous Villains! Update with Promo Pic!

U.S. Launch Date: September 30, 2010
International Launch Date: October 2010

I mentioned the leaked pics in my last post on Venomous Villains but didn't post them because they looked fake to me. (You can view the pics here.) Here above are the official pics for the collection. They look a wee bit different from the leaked pics that have been circling all over the blog world (these pics look more like the magazine images of the products from the previous pic -and not the actual products themselves.) I'm certain these are real but I'm not totally certain about the leaked photos because the products in those photos had clear covers. Anyways, I can't wait for this collection.

Cruella De Vil

Lipstick ($15.00 USD/$18.00 CDN)
1. Heartless (LE) (Amplified Creme)- Cherry Red
2. Innocence, Beware! (LE) (Cremesheen)- Light yellow pink

Lipglass ($15.00 USD/$18.00 CDN)
1. Devilishly Stylish (LE)- Deep fuchsia with pink pearl
2. Wicked Ways (LE)- Light nude with gold pearl

Eyeshadow ($15.50 USD/$18.50 CDN)
1. Carbon (Permanent) (Matte)- Intense black
2. De-Vil (LE) (Veluxe Pearl)- Rich copper
3. Sweet Joy (LE, Repromote from Passions of Red) (Frost)- Creamy pale gold

Penultimate Eyeliner ($16.50 USD/$20.00 CDN)
Rapidblack (Permanent)- True black

Blush ($19.50 USD/$23.50 CDN)
Darkly My Dear (LE) (Matte)- Mid-tone brown plum

Beauty Powder ($25.00 USD/$30.00 CDN)
Her Own Devices (LE)- Cool nude

Evil Queen

Lipstick ($15.00 USD/$18.00 CDN)
1. Sinister (LE) (Lustre)- Soft brown plum
2. Toxic Tale (LE) (Satin)- Bright coral

Lipglass ($15.00 USD/$18.00 CDN)
1. Hot House Deep (LE, Repromote from Strange Hybrid)- Rasberry with pink pearl
2. Strange Potion (LE)- Soft coral pink

Eyeshadow ($15.50 USD/$18.50 CDN)
1. Her Alter Image (LE) (Veluxe Pearl)- Light Violet
2. Vainglorious (LE) (Frost)- Bronze Burgundy
3. Vile Violet (LE) (Matte)- Deep blue purple

Penultimate Brow Universal

Blush ($19.50 USD/$23.50 CDN)
Bite of an Apple (LE) (Matte)- Soft coral pink

Beauty Powder ($25.00 USD/$30.00 CDN)
Oh So Fair (LE)- Mid-tone pink with gold pearl


Lipstick ($15.00 USD/$18.00 CDN)
1. Dark Deed (LE) (Amplified Creme)- Burgundy plum
2. Violetta (PRO) (Amplified Creme)- Violet purple

Lipglass ($15.00 USD/$18.00 CDN)
1. Revenge is Sweet (LE)- Light yellow purple
2. Wrong Spell (LE)- Deep plum with pink purple

Mineralize Eyeshadow ($21.00 USD/$25.00 CDN)
1. My Dark Magic (LE)- Deep pink with pink pearl/ Deep plum with purple pearl
2. She Who Dares (LE)- Deep navy with blue pearl/ Deep forest green with lime pearl

Beauty Powder ($25.00 USD/$30.00 CDN)
Briar Rose (LE)- Soft violet pink with pearl

Nail Lacquer ($12.00 USD/$14.50 CDN)
1. Bad Fairy (LE)- Red with multi-changing pigments
2. Formidable! (LE)- Teal green with pink pigment
3. Mean & Green (LE)- Purple with teal pigment

Dr. Facilier

Lipgelee ($15.00 USD/$18.00 CDN)
Resort Life (LE, Repromote from Sundressing)- Off-white with pink pearl

Greasepaint Stick ($17.50 USD/$21.00 CDN)
1. French Quarter (LE)- Black green with multi-colour pearl
2. Slick Black (LE, Repromote)- True carbon black

Pigment ($19.50 USD/$23.50 CDN)
1. Brash & Bold (LE, Repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics)- Bright magenta
2. Melon (Permanet)- Bright golden peach
3. Push the Edge (LE, Repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics)- Deep bright purple with pearl

Magically Cool Liquid Powder ($29.50 USD/$35.50 CDN)
1. Cajun (LE)- Sheer bronze reflects gold
2. Truth and Light (LE)- Sheer shimmer reflects silver and pink

Mirror ($12.00 USD/$14.50 CDN)
I'm So Vain (LE)- Round special decoration compact mirror

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  1. Hmm. I think they're trying to be like too faced makeup with all the cartoons as cosmetics... But regardless I'm sure the colors will be wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You're welcome =) Hmm.. I didn't know Too Faced had cartoons? That's pretty cool though.. I love cool packaging. I can't wait for this collection!

  3. Omg, this collection looks fun! I want to get my hands on it! Thanks for sharing, I had no idea this was coming out! Another product to save up for lol

  4. LOL.. Or product(s) to save for! I need to start saving nowwwww. =\

  5. Reading the product list is so exciting! I don't know if I'm a huge fan of the packaging, I feel like they could have made it a little more interesting! Maybe it will grow on me :) x

  6. Maybe the blushes..I don't know..I might be the only one but I don't like the packaging at all.

  7. @ Ariel.. I'm super excited too! I definitely agree about the packaging -they really could've made it more spectacular since it's Disney and all. =P

    @ Kristie.. You're not alone -packaging isn't all that. =( Wish they would've spent more time desigining better packaging. I want the beauty powders and possibly a blush or 2. I think this is a collection where I'll buy stuff I only "half want" just because it's limited edition AND Disney!

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