Sunday, July 18, 2010

NARS Sephora Exclusive Lip Glosses In Stock @ Sephora (LE Shades Include Albatross, Angelika, Oasis, Super Orgasm, Luster)

I read on Temptalia a while ago that the NARS Sephora exclusive glosses were being launched on July 29th but I randomly checked the Sephora website just now and they're in stock already! From what I've read, these shade are limited edition but this is not stated on the product page (@ I don't know for sure but right now, the shades are only available at Sephora.

NARS glosses are $24.00 each (0.28 oz.) The glosses have a tacky texture, are slightly sticky (if you apply a lot), are moisturizing, and are long lasting. They do have sort of an odd scent -to some it smells and tastes like crayons but it doesn't bother me much and the scent goes away after it's applied.

The 5 new shades (inspired by their blush counterparts) are: (Descriptions from

1. Oasis- Sparkling pink champagne

2. Luster- Sheer golden apricot

3. Super Orgasm- Peachy pink with gold glitter

4. Angelika- Cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle

5. Albatross- Luminous glow

I've been wanting Angelika for a while but not sure if I'm loving the shade. Check out swatches (and lip swatches) of each shade here.


  1. What are you planning to pick up? I can't stand NARS glosses because of the stickiness factor. I have Orgasm gloss rotting in my drawer.

  2. LOL I know! =P I think you mentioned that to me before. Aww poor Orgasm!!!

    Well, I want Angelika but over the last few days of looking at swatches more and more, I don't know if I want it anymore. I feel like I have lipsticks and glosses similar to it.