Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yummy Eats + New Hello Kitty Ring

Yesterday was supposed to be a laid back day full of lounging around and doing nothing with a little shopping and lots of eating thrown in there -that was so not the case. My boyfriend got news that his parents were coming home early from vacation so we had to change our plans and stay in the area to wait to hear from them. Our day wasn't bad, it was just a little chaotic.. but we did get to do some stuff -mainly eating and shopping. For lunch, we went to BJ's and ordered 2 appetizers.

After that, we walked around the mall. It was one of those boring "just browsing" days -there was nothing exciting. I did get the chance to stop by MAC to swatch and see Stereo Rose in person and I'm so glad it wasn't as amazing as many people made it out to be. I think I actually may have a dupe!
After lunch and roaming around the mall, we got to go home to unwind for just under an hour and then it was off to the airport. The plane ended up getting delayed by nearly 3 hours so we went to a nearby mall and pretty much just browsed again. We also stopped by Sanrio and the boy ended up buying me a ring! I love little Sanrio bobbles and have been collecting them for awhile now. Here's the newest addition to my collection:
Don't you love her?? Hello Kitty with a Pink fro and colorful bows equals AWESOMENESS. I also have a shirt with an "Afro Hello Kitty" but I can't find it! I love my new ring. Thanks boyfriend.
After that, we pretty much just picked up his parents, ate dinner, and went home. LOL talk about an "exciting" Friday. =P


  1. omg food! im hungry now :$
    & LOL @ the hello kitty ring! That's too cute!!! :DDD You're too cute hahhaha


  2. @ tramstabalaboopy.. Aww go eat girl! And thank you. =) I think my HK ring is adorable too.

    @ Alvira.. Thank you dear.

  3. haha what a cute ring. I haven't been to a Hello Kitty store in years.

  4. Thanks. =) You haveee to go -they have oodles of cute things.

  5. omgeee, that ring is sooo cute! Your man is sweet for getting it for you, aaww tender moment. lol. Oh, and I love me some BJs! They have good happy hr there and their pazookies are the bomb! Did you share one that day too? omg, I just realize how dirty that sounds! lol ahhahah

  6. AHAHHAAHAHAA! =P No.. no pazookie -we were way too full. I like the chicken tenders (with honey mustard) but we didn't get any so we have to go back.

    LOL yea.. I love the ring. He knows I'm a Sanrio fanatic -we go there basically everytime we go to any mall.

  7. Lol Where did ur BF get ur ring!!! Im in LUV with it!!!!!