Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: Pop Beauty Bronze Belle Palette

Repurchase: No
Price: $28.00 ($6.99 @ Beauty Ticket) (25.6 g/ 0.9 oz)
Product: 8/10
Packaging: 2.5/10
Value: 10/10 (If you buy it from Beauty Ticket or Ebay..)
Overall Grade: C+ (Grade Updated)
I'd been lusting over the Pop Beauty Bronze Belle Palette for over a month and was so delighted to find it at a steal on Ebay. (As, always be sure to do your research when buying any products off Ebay.) The seller had 100% feedback and everything looked fine so I bid on the Pop Beauty Bronze Belle and Rose Belle palettes and snatched them up for just under $14.00 total (shipping included) so each palette was about $7.00.
The Packaging: I can easily say that the packaging is a pain in the butt and I hate it. When my Rose Belle palette arrived in the mail, I opened up the palette to see that all the blushes and bronzers had fallen out and I'm just crossing my fingers on this one (Bronze Belle.) The other day, one of the bronzer "blocks" from this palette fell out but I just pushed it back in. Basically, it's not the whole pan that falls out -the pan stays in the but the actual "block" of blush/bronzer comes out and crumbles into dust. If this happens to more than 1 "block" at a time, the powders can easily get mixed together making it impossible to salvage the product.
If it weren't for the "blocks" falling out and turning into messy powders, I would give this an A+ in terms of packaging. The case is very thin and flat making it ideal for travel. However, I wouldn't recommend this for travel since the blushes and bronzers tend to fall out of their pan!
Here's a peek at how my Rose Belle Palette arrived -with the blush "blocks" out of their pans so you get a better description of what I mean..
Underneath the plastic sheet on the right side was even more crushed powders. At first I thought it was just because the Post Office wasn't "fragile" with my package BUT my Bronze Belle Palette arrived fine and suddenly the bronzer "block" was falling out about 2 weeks later.

More Photos..

Product Description, Ingredients
The Product: First off, this is an amazing value even if you were to pay the full $28.00 retail price. You get a whopping generously sized 8 blushes and bronzers all housed in a thin palette. The palette includes 5 bronzers, 2 blushes, and 1 highlighter allowing you create endless looks with just 1 palette.
The majority of the shades are pigmented and very vibrant. The downside is that they are all on the powdery side -some being even more chalky than others. Also, I don't like the smell of the product at all. It smells like "old lady makeup" -the type of smell that older drugstore products used to have.. I guess it's sort of a florally perfume scent. (The smell fades after the blush/bronzer is applied and doesn't irritate my skin.) The blushes and bronzers last for about 3-4 hours on my skin with no primer which is decent for the price.
Left Side of Pop Beauty Bronze Belle Palette
Right Side of Pop Beauty Bronze Belle Palette
The Color: All shades whether shimmery or matte have a nice “sheen” to them. Also, all shades are fairly pigmented unless otherwise listed. All shades are also slightly powdery but if I've listed "chalky" or "very chalky" -that means those shades are just more chalky and powdery than the majority. Both blushes are a little brighter and more vibrant than in swatch pics.
Each shade is numbered (above) because there are no color names.
Left Side
1. Shimmery deep mocha bronze with a hint of plum
2. Shimmery light-medium tan bronze
3. Shimmery medium reddish bronze
4. Shimmery bright apricot pinky peach blush. (chalky)
Right Side
5. Matte medium bronze
6. Semi-shimmery peach blush. (very chalky)
7. Matte deep mocha bronze
8. Shimmery beige gold glow (chalky)

Swatches.. The non-flash pics display the "texture" better while the flash pics more accurately show off the colors although I think the shades (in person) are more vibrant.
Above (no flash) from left: Left Side of Bronze Belle Palette- 1, 2, 3, 4
Above (with flash) from left: Left Side of Bronze Belle Palette- 1, 2, 3, 4
Above (no flash) from left: Right Side of Bronze Belle Palette- 5, 6, 7, 8
Above (with flash) from left: Right Side of Bronze Belle Palette- 5, 6, 7, 8

Overall: I wouldn't repurchase any of Pop Beauty's "Belle" palettes because of the whole packaging issue. I don't want to have to depot all the blushes and put them into 5 gram jars (what I did with the Rose Belle blushes.) While the product is convenient in terms of variety and size, I just hate the packaging that much. This would be great for someone without many blushes and is willing to depot all the blushes/bronzers.
For the time being, I won't be depotting any shades in my Bronze Belle Palette until one of more of the blocks totally "crumbles." (If the blocks fall out without crumbling, I'll just continue to slide them back into the pans.) I'll also have to be very careful with the palette. I'm saddened that I can't travel with these since they offer so much variety! =(

Where To Buy: Pop Beauty, Beauty Ticket, Ebay


  1. Those book-like packaging always make me curious. They don't seem sturdy enough. Even with Stila ones that I've had in the past, their pans fall out as well. Maybe not like how yours crumbled, but just the packaging like that tends to be rusty. The bronze palette seems really pretty though :) Sorry about your crushed one! :(

  2. I really would like the packaging if the pans didn't fall out. And that's ok, they sent me another one. =) ..Except the pans in that one are starting to fall out too!

  3. oh man that sucks, having these fall out all the time. I've actually never heard of Pop but the blush looks nice. Sorry to hear it's not working out so well for ya.

  4. Yea =( But it's not all bad though because with the other palette I got from them (Rose Belle), I was still able to salvage all 5 broken blushes and put them into 5 gram jars. Some colors got mixed but it still looks decent. It stinks though because they're basically like mineral powders now and I prefer solid blush.

  5. oh that totally sucks that it falls out. I think a small part of me dies when I accidently drop my make up and it cracks all over the table/floor :( lol yeah Taylor Momsen is just too... angry... for me LOL. i hear she's also a brat in interviews and on GG shoots...

  6. Me too! My heart just drops when that happens! Taylor Momsen? I think she's just a young girl trying to grow up and be big and bad way too fast.. like Miley~