Friday, July 23, 2010

Shu Uemura, You're Still Here?

A few months ago, news hit that Shu Uemura would be leaving the country. The Shu store in San Francisco (I'm pretty sure) closed down -they haven't picked up their phones as I've been calling the last 2 weeks. Everytime I checked, more and more lipstick shades disappeared as the days went on. I was also told that my Nordstrom counter would be packing up (not anytime soon I don't think -but they should be leaving.) Even when I pulled up the store locator on Shu Uemura's website, a message appeared saying:

"As of July 2010, shu uemura is changing its distribution strategy and our products will now be available exclusively online at this official brand website."

I'm so mad I didn't ever get a chance to visit the Shu Uemura store -it still irks me that I probably missed them by a week. Anyways, there are all these signs of Shu Uemura completely leaving the U.S. right? I was under the impression that consumers would only be able to purchase Shu through the official site.

However, I just checked Sephora minutes ago and found that many new products had recently been added to the site. Weird!! I don't understand why they removed so many lipsticks and other products but are still adding new products. So, this may be good news to some -as of right now, you can still purchase new Shu Uemura products from

And do you think that means Shu products will still be up for sale on other companies' sites (like Nordstrom) too? Hmm.. that would be nice.

Image from Sephora


  1. I heard they were just bought over by another company, kind of like Stila was last year, so they will be making some changes and re-packaging, so it may take some time before you see there stuff. But I haven't heard they're leaving the U.S. though, that would be nuts, their eyelash curler is no. 1 in our store!


  2. I never owned any Shu other than the eyelash curler. Glad I'm not attached! I awarded you the I Heart your blog award!

  3. @ Laura Beth.. Hey! Umm.. it was stated awhile ago that L'Oreal would be moving Shu Uemura out of the country and that we could still buy their products online at their official site.. You can go here for the official statement:

    That's so weird though -maybe they'll continue selling online at all retailers?? I have no idea!

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. I adore Shu Uemura! You've got to try some of their things if you have a chance. And thank you so much for the award. =)

  4. Since they're clearing they're stuff out, is it on sale? If it is, I would want to get some of their beautiful lashes, they're amazing!

  5. I haven't seen anything on the Shu site,, or at the Nordstrom counter on sale. I wish there was a sale but I'm pretty sure they'll just send everything back if Shu really does "leave."

    Sometimes there are 20% off sales on the Shu site though! And Sephora should be due for another 15-20% off sale in a few months. =)

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  7. there is no Adieu :