Friday, July 9, 2010

My MAC In The Groove Experience, My Trip to Great America, & LeBron James goes to Miami!

So I'm sure all of you know that In The Groove (check collection info here) was released yesterday (August 8th.) I was supposed to be getting 2 Stereo Rose MSFs -that was the only thing I wanted from the collection. I hadn't seen Stereo Rose in person and knew I wouldn't be able to make it to MAC the day of so I pre-saled 2 of them "just in case" I ended up falling in love with it. I pre-saled with a Nordstroms counter that I don't normally pre-sale with because it was closer to wear I live and I figured "what's the harm? Right??" Anyways, I did the pre-sale about a week in advance and was informed that I was at the top of the list and would definitely be getting my 2 Stereo Roses.
The day that collection launched, I kept getting this funny feeling and I wanted to make sure I definitely had it. (Because of all the hype, the could easily "misplace it.") When I checked online to see if it had been charged to my account, the charge wasn't there and I started freaking out (when you do pre-sales, the order usually gets charged to you in the morning.) I quickly dialed the MAC counter and the most rude, obnoxious girl picked up the phone. She told me that they didn't have the 2 Stereo Roses I ordered -which of course meant they'd sold it and somehow "overlooked" my way-in-advance pre-sale orders. Either they sold it or it was lost or misplaced -but I doubt they'd lose it.
I was really, really sad. I know people are saying, "Oh it's not that great and you don't need to have it!" but those are the people who have it! When you don't have it and hear those words, you feel worse. Honestly, it's not because I fell in love with Stereo Rose through online swatches -moreso because I had been on top of everything and placed the order in advance and had been at the top of the list. Something that really bugs me is that MAC didn't even have the decency to call and tell me they had sold the items that I bought in advance. Terrible service and Nordstroms is known for their great service.
I really wanted to swatch it for you guys so I'm sorry!! I'm never placing an order with this place again. My favorite MAC, the most responsible one, is the MAC Pro on Union Street in SF. Best employees, best artists. They're responsible, reliable, and don't push sales on you. I don't even feel like trusting counters anymore -I rather go directly through a MAC freestanding store as I feel like they're more reliable and professional. Click here for swatches of In The Groove.

Onto the Next Topic..
I went to Great America with my boyfriend 2 days ago! It was fun but pretty hot and my favorite ride is no longer running. Also, it wasn't as crowded as it used to be (like 5 years ago.) I didn't want to bring my camera because I didn't want to risk losing another camera so here's the 1 picture we got there with his phone..
The Gingerbread Man from Shrek!! I actually took 3 but he said he liked this one best so he only sent me this one.. I think it looks awkward. I'm like really sticking my butt out for whatever reason! I kept trying to get to the height of the Gingie but it was hard. Oh and he won me a flag playing ball..
When he was choosing the flags, I actually screamed "HEATTTTTTTT!!!!!" (this was before Lebron made his choice) but I guess he didn't hear me. I saw him grab the Magic flag and since I like them anyways, I knodded.

And LeBron..
Last night LeBron announced that he'd be joining Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. I think it's half and half -some are really happy while some are extremely upset and no longer support Lebron. He's been playing with The Cavs for 7 years now and people are pissed off about the whole loyalty thing -I get that. However, I feel like if he'd stayed with the Cavs, all it would get him was more losses and no ring -is that even fair to him? I think real (LeBron) fans should root for him to go wherever he can excel in his career -not just stay in his hometown and keep on losing year after year.. but I get why Cleveland fans would be so upset. With his talent, he needs to at least get 1 ring.. at least ONE! Maybe LeBron will actually have a chance now and Miami will put in end to LA and Boston (damn I'm so sick of those 2 teams.)
I read that Bosh, Wade, and the rest of the team had to take lesser pay for LeBron to join Miami which I think is total BS but oh well. These guys are already making millions, they don't need more ..including LeBron. Seriously, who really needs $96 million? Another little fun fact, he'll be saving millions on his state income tax because Florida has no state income tax. Smart move? Hmmmm..
Oh and if you're a LeBron, Wade, and Bosh fan -get your tickets ASAP. The Heat's season tickets are already sold out (at least the ones that they put up for sale.) I really want to see them when they come down here.. I really hope the team succeeds. I would've liked LeBron to go to Chicago too but I like D Wade and The Heat so this fit is totally fine with me. Something people are worried about is that because there's a bunch of stars on this one team now, their egos will clash. Miami is Wade's team and now LeBron's moving into his territory!! Ahh whatever.. hopefully they can make the best of it and put all their talents to good use.
My boyfriend just sent me this letter that Dan Gilbert, Cavs owner, sent out to Cleveland fans.

I accidentally lost the link to where I got the last pic but I think it was ESPN??


  1. I'm really sorry to hear about your bad experience and that you didn't get Stereo Rose! :( I cannot stand snobby, rude, pushy sales associates... ugh! Whatever happened to customer service??? I can try to see if they still have it here, if you want? :)

    Ughhh LBJ. I'm actually NOT a fan but I was STILL upset that he went to Miami. I mean, it's like he totally blew off his fans and team just so he can "win." I mean, if he REALLY wanted to win, he could have put more effort into game 5 instead of just giving up >:( ..So I understand how upset his fans are. Especially because he had to make everyone wait sooo long to find out where he was gonna go, like he's soooo important he HAD to have a 1 hour segment just to announce 1 thing -_-; I think he's way too arrogant. I mean, I get that he was in Cleveland for 7 years / no win, but still. It's like he didn't even CONSIDER how it would make his team/fans feel. And I totally agree with you -- I think with Wade/LeBron/Bosh on one team; it's only a matter of time before they're gonna clash.

    ...I'm actually a full-on Lakers fan LOL XD But I really like the Magic and Suns too ...and I HATE Boston lol :P Yayy, no one else here talks about basketball, glad we can relate ;D

  2. So sorry to hear what happened Kali. I know there's just been a crazy crazy frenzy over Stereo Rose. I'll tell's really not worth getting crazy over. There will probably be another frenzy over something else in about a month. However, it really sucks that Nordstrom screwed you over. If they have you down for pre-sale then they should have the darn thing for you! Shame on them. And yes..swatches part 1 will be up in about 30 mins.

  3. @ Erynn.. I know! I really appreciate good customer service and it's just seemed to of disappeared nowadays. Employees seem to always be at least one of these things: rude, pushy with sales, unknowledgeable, or just plain stupid! I'm not saying this about everyone -I do know how tough retail can be, but if you're working in an area of customer service, you should know how to serve the customer!

    Aww.. sorry that you're upset about LeBron. I was a bigger LeBron fan before actually but ever since he's lashed out at a few games and threw some hissy fits, I've become less of a fan. I still think he is talented though and that's why I'm happy he went to Miami -because I really like The Heat and Wade. =) I totally understand how you feel though about the loyalty thing -if I was a bigger Cleveland fan, I'd be PISSED. But I have to admit, I really ever only liked the Cavs because of LeBron. But I know how you feel because this is how we felt when Baron Davis left GS!! Ahh.. still irks me!

    I agree LeBron was being very dramatic about the whole thing. He really dragged it on and I know lots of people are PISSED OFF about that. He did seem very overly involved with his own self.. Oh well, I hope they make the best of it because I really do like Miami.

    LOL! Girl, that's where me and you disagree. I HATE the Lakers and I always have. I'm glad you like The Magic though -I do! They're my team whenever I play games on my DS. Glad you're into basketball -now I know at least one person will read my basketball posts! =)

  4. @ Kristie.. Aww thanks for helping me "try to get over" Stereo Rose. It probably really isn't worth all the drama but I'm just disappointed with the fact that I pre-ordered 2 and got nothing! I'll be checking out the swatches when they come up. =)

  5. Hey Kali. I completely forgot to mention that you can still order SR on and have it shipped to you on 7/30. Hopefully you can get it that way.

  6. Thanks Kristie. While I was calling around, a Nordstroms employee told me about this but I don't fully trust it -just because I've heard these things before with other products and they never get re-stocked. I did ask a MAC freestanding store associate and she called me back today telling me that the warehouse will not be sending anymore out to any store -which sort of stumps what Nordstroms is saying.

    I really have no idea if they'll send it out or not. I just don't feel comfortable giving my info out and not know for sure what's going to happen.. I rather have it physically in my hands!