Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lazy Monday's Hauls: H&M, Sephora, CVS

So on a very lazy Monday evening, I went to the mall with a friend hoping to just unwind, relax, and not buy anything. But come on, it's me -at the MALL.. that's darn near impossible.

H&M stuff and Sephora samples =)
H&M Cardigan (without buttons)- $12.95 The best way I can describe the color is plummy taupe. I swore I'd start jumping out of my comfort zone but I can't. I live in earth tones, cardigans, v-necks, tanks, jeans, leggings, and flats.
H&M Fitted Dress- $34.95 I love this dress. I don't even need it but I love it. The dress is a gray with black paneling and a sweetheart neckline. The little beauty features sweetheart neckline and straps are removable.
The reason I even tried this on was because my friend had tried it on. When I saw her walk out in it, I had steal it away. The size 2 was to small and she couldn't zip it all the way so she went looking for a size 4 and I got the last size 2. I felt bad because she called all the stores in the area and no one had a size 4. I was also torn because the dress came in another color -pale flesh tone pink with black paneling.. but I ended up getting this instead. Which should I have gotten??
About the fit, everything fits perfect accept for the chest. Trust me, I have a small chest and I'm nowhere near packing double D's yet I cannot wear a bra with this dress because it's so tight on top. I literally have to squeeze my boobs in but everything else (waist, butt) fits so perfectly. I didn't want to regret not getting it so I just bought it.. should I return though? Honestly I feel naked not wearing a bra.

Another pic of me wearing the dress. Sorry for the messy background!
H&M Cream Sunglasses and Leopard Sunglasses- $3.00 each These were on sale! The leopard pair were originally $9.95 and the cream ones were $5.95. If you go to H&M, check out the accessories section. I think all the sunglasses at our store were $3.00!


Sephora Samples- FREE! I kept clear of buying any makeup at Sephora but got a bunch of samples. I lucked out because she was very generous. I don't even think they're supposed to give glitter and pigment samples. The 2 fragrance samples are Pacifica's Tuscan Blood Orange and Brazillian Mango Grapefruit.
Make Up For Ever Glitter in "Multicolored Pink 12" I really wanted #4 but they didn't even have the tester out. (Click here to buy)
Make Up For Ever Glitter in "Pink 8" (Click here to buy)
Make Up For Ever Star Powder in "White/Mauve 942" I couldn't capture it in the picture, but this is an iridescent purpley mauve that looks very "fairy-like." (Click here to buy)

1. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss in "Pink Perfection- $6.49
2. Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss in "Born With It"- $3.24 (BOGO)
3. Maybelline Color Sensational Pearls Lipstick in "Pearly Pink"- $7.49
4. Maybelline Color Sensational Pearls Lipstick in "Twinkle"- $3.74 (BOGO)
5. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in "Carnation"- $8.99
6. Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in "Lilac Pastelle- $5.99 SALE
I found all the LE shades from Daydreamer on the "permanent" shelf. I'm pretty sure they're permanent now unless since there were labels and everything so those who've been looking for Lilac Pastelle (sold out), Pink Pop, Petal Peach, Coral Reef (sold out), or Firecracker can take a sigh of relief. I picked up Lilac Pastelle in case they weren't permanent after all since it's such a limited shade. I'll probably give it away in the future.

Cinnabon Box of 6- Around $13 I don't know what possessed me to buy a whole box but it seemed like a good deal at the time. A single "classic Cinnabon" is about $4 over here so basically if I bought 3, it would already be $12 so I figured I'd buy a whole box. The guy was so nice he also gave me another Cinnabon so I could eat a fresh, warm one (the ones in the box you have to heat up) right away. =) He even filled out my whole Cinnabon "stamp card" so next time I come, I get another 1 free. BUT.. I don't know how I can eat the whole box now and my family doesn't really like Cinnabons.

What are your recent hauls? Share!

P.S. In the "labels", they won't let me use the & symbol so that's why it says H(and)M.. I know, lame.


  1. i have the exact same leopard sunnies :)
    and omg, those cinnabons's look so delicious.. what do they include/taste like? never seen those before :)

  2. oh ps, i posted the eyeshadow palette's inci on the china cheapies post :)

  3. Oh, I really like that dress! Lovely!

    You can find my recent haul on my website:

    Judith :)

  4. I really love the dress looks good on you

  5. Love that dress! You can get used to going bra-less!

  6. @ Melly.. That's so cool.. LOL we match! The cinnabons are basically just giant cinnamon rolls -delicious dough rolled into the "spiral" shape and topped off with cinnamon, icing, and sticky goo -I'm really not the best at describing food! And thanks for posting Melly. =)

    @ Judith.. Thanks! And I just checked out your lovely haul. =)

    @ Alvira.. Thanks Alvira. =)

    @ PoorCollegeStudent.. Thanks. I know I could totally go bra-less -I just have this strange fear that my dress will drop and there will be nothing up there to cover me up! =P

  7. Love your haul. Free samples from Sephora are the best!!

  8. Thanks Rai! I know, Sephora samples ARE the best. =)

  9. that dress is really cute. and those cinnabons look way too yummy :/ now i'm craving one

  10. What a cute dress! I love H&M. You know what I recently hauled..LOL..enough to make my wallet cry!

  11. @ Wen.. Thanks! You need to go grab a Cinnabon pronto -they're so yummy especially when they're fresh.

    @ Kristie.. Thanks! LOL I knowww what YOU hauled and it makes MY wallet cry for yours. But your makeup drawers are probably very happy. =)

  12. Wooo, look at you! That dress is SEXY! I love H&M , they have some really nice clothes and yay for some free goddies, that's always good : ) And omygosh! My bf loooooves cinnabon! haha : )

  13. LOL Thanks Val. =) I was never really into H&M before but now I really am -they have some nice clothes for low prices.

    I've been on a Cinnabon kick lately. You should pick up a box for you and him -you can heat them up at home!

  14. What a great haul!! You look HOT in that dress!!! :)

    I just got 2 100% silk LOFT skirts for only $9.99 today!!! OMG- my latest finds!! I have to get the waist altered because a 00p is still huge!!!!

  15. Yay for a little shopping! :) Retail therapy never hurt anyone :) $3 sunglasses are AWESOME!! The best time to have a sunglass sale is now! :D I love the things you got at H&M!

  16. I know! I really needed some sunglasses. I'm starting to really like H&M. =)

  17. @ Really Petite.. Just noticed I never commented back! Sorry! I hope you got the waists altered. =) $9.99 is a GREAT deal!