Friday, July 16, 2010

Why Are People So Stupid & Ignorant?! Pink's accident

So I just read an article (click here for article and video of her accident) about how Pink fell of stage during a performance because of a malfunction with her harness. All I thought was, "Wow, I really hope she's ok!!"

I looked through the comments and nearly every person on the 1st and 2nd page (I didn't look at the comments after that) were trashing her for her looks and talent. WTF?? Why are people so mean and stupid? This girl could've been seriously hurt and all they do is sit there trashing how she looks. I personally think she looks great. She has a unique sense of style and isn't just one of those wannabe prostitutes in the media shaking her ass for the world. People need to be ashamed of themselves.. how did her falling off stage go to this (quote from one of the comments):

"OMG!!! She's only 30 but she looks like a post menopause f*8* ucking old and ugly hag 5- year old woman! SICK! Hey Pink you Suck"

Wtf is wrong with you people?? Oh and btw, Pink is MAD talented. I think she's way better than ridiculous Lady Gaga, Beyonce (I like her somewhat though), Rihanna, and all those chicks. She's got some lungs. I respect her for not being just another big-haired bimbo with fake tits. I love you Pink!! You are a beautiful, real person with a beautiful voice to match.

If any of you were curious to see how talented this lady is, check out this AMAZING performance..

Seriously, most singers can't even sing live anymore. Now tell me who can sing live while sounding amazing AND spin in the air and hang upside down all at the same time?! Beautiful.


  1. I agree, it's horrible the things that people will say when they can hide behind their computer screens! But lady gaga and beyonce both have amazing voices! xx

  2. Ugh I know! I just like Pink more thank some celbes because she seems more about the music and than dressing in short, super tight clothes. Beyonce is fabulous in her own right though. I'm not really into Lady Gaga's music but I DO think she has a great voice & unique.. but sometimes ridiculous style. I've heard her singing with just her and the piano before and I thought it was awesome -I wish there was more of that actually!

  3. That is sad that she could have hurt herself and all people could say were things like that.

    I try not to find time to think about why people can be so ignorant and stupid...especially behind the anonymity of a computer screen. Youtube is the perfect example. There are videos on there that just kill me to even glance at the shocks me that there are SO people like that in this world!

  4. Ugh I know what you mean! It's just so stupid -a girl gets hurt and people go ranting about her looks (and she's so pretty too!)

  5. Ughhh I know what you mean! I always try *NOT* to read comments on what I know will end up as a controversial topic because I KNOW it'll end up upsetting me... but I always give in and end up reading the comments and getting all riled up over the bullshit people have to say. It amazes me how ignorant, crude, careless, and stupid people can be when they can hide behind a computer screen. It's so sad. They probably aren't satisfied with their own lives so they feel the need to hate on everyone else. Losers!

    I agree with PetiteAsianGirl, that's kind of why I'm afraid to venture into the world of Youtube... there's so many haters who are rude and mean for no real reason!

  6. That's what I do too! I'll tell myself not to look at the comments but I'm naturally just a super curious person so I look anyways! And then I run into all these stupid, idiotic comments that are just flat out rude and mean. LOL.. You're right. They're NOT satisfied and have to hate on others' lives.

    Yea I understand how you and PAG feel about the YouTube thing -I feel like it's more vicious than the blog world. I don't even really watch YouTube vids but when I do, I'll see tons and tons of those hateful comments.