Monday, July 5, 2010

New HG! Dove Men+Care Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $3.89 (Use $1 off coupon for total of $2.89)
Overall Grade: A+
I've been dying to try the new Dove Men+Care Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool for ages. I actually wanted it more after I read Rae's review -like her, I'll be referring to this as the "M+C scrubber." I was really surprised at the price (I got an extra $1 off using a Dove coupon from my local paper) because for whatever reason, I'd expected it to be around $10. This is actually cheaper than my "regular" Soap and Glory loofah -which is $5-6. Anyways, read on for the review. =)
The Packaging: The M+C scrubber is packaged in a plastic container with open sides. Usually, basic loofahs don't have any packaging -just tags. Anyways, I'd prefer for this to be packaged in a fully closed box. I don't know about you but I hate the fact that loofahs with no/minimal packaging just end up collecting dirt and dust, being thrown on the store's dirty floor, etc. I know loofahs can be washed but these things are used all over your body!
As for the actual M+C scrubber itself, the design and nice and compact -plus it looks nice hanging in the shower.
Product Directions
The Product: I have to say that this is amazing! It's by far the best loofah/shower puff I've ever used. The mesh, blue-greenish side contains your basic loofah. It's not squishy, puffy, and big like other loofahs but is definitely more "scrubby" and does a better job getting rid of dirt and dead skin. Also, it's easy to work up a good lather with this. I've been using this side for pretty much my entire body and my skin feels really, really smooth and squeaky clean. The lighter, cream side is not "loofah-like" and I guess would be considered the "scrub side." This side is used for an even deeper clean but it's a little rough on the skin. I also like the thin rope that comes with the M+C scrubber -it's easy to grip or wrap around your wrist, you can hang it on your shower hook, and it dries pretty fast.
The first few times of using the M+C scrubber will be a wee bit painful -just because your skin may not be used to the deep scrubbing action yet. After a few days, you'll be fine. Also, Dove recommends that you replace this every 4-6 weeks, which seems a bit soon -you can probably get away with using it a bit longer.

More pics..
Overall: I don't usually give A+ grades but this M+C scrubber deserves it. It's such a good value at just $3.89 (or $2.89 with a $1 off coupon) and definitely gets the job done -it's better than the more expensive loofahs, puffs, and scrubbers on the market. Even though this is "for men", definitely pick one up whether you're a man or woman.
Ok.. off to the beach for the day! =)


  1. That looks real cool and so cheap. Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for the canada day wishes hun!! And that's an elaberate lofa i must say, for the price I say it's well worth it :D

  3. You're Welcome! And you should definitely pick one up! =)