Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nudey Tuesday: Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss in "Sugar Baby", MAC Updates, & E.L.F.

Repurchase: Yes
Price: $18.00 (0.3oz/ 8ml)
Product: 8.5/10
Packaging: 9/10
Value: 8.5/10
Overall Grade: B+
The Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss is by far one of my favorite glosses so I figured it was time to review it.
The Packaging: I love the packaging for these -the tubes has a really simple, clean look to them. The tube is all clear with the word "Fresh" printed in white. The top is white with the word "Sugar" repeating all around it. The doe foot applicator is great for a smooth, even application.
Beautiful (outer) Packaging
Product Info
The Product: The consistency of the gloss is thin and light so it feels almost as if you're not wearing anything. I like that it's fairly moisturizing (enough that I don't need a lip balm underneath -I use a lip balm with like 90% of glosses) and that it's very smooth and comfortable. The highlight of the gloss that the taste and smell are to die for -it's like lemon candy being smeared all over your lips (except that it's non-sticky!!) The only downside is the wear time, about 2 hours, and that it's not very pigmented. Other then that, it's really a great gloss.
I actually got several of these for free with some online Sephora orders awhile back (which explains why the pic above has the slashed off bar code.) Anyways, I'm down to my last backup. I took the tube out for the review and as you can see in the picture below, after some time of non-use, the gloss gets separated. I don't think it's a huge problem -I'll probably just need to mix it up again (I didn't want to open a whole new tube  to try though.. lip gloss does expire!)
The Color: Sheer, nude peach with medium shimmer and shine.
Something that I'm really not impressed with is the color payoff of the gloss. Fresh describes these glosses as being "highly pigmented" but these (at least Sugar Baby -I haven't tried the other colors) are very sheer and there's almost no color when applied to the lips.

Above (no flash): Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss in "Sugar Baby"
Lip Swatch..
Above (no flash): Fresh Sugar Lip Gloss in "Sugar Baby"

Overall: This gloss isn't a part of my "top favorites" but is definitely up there right behind the top glosses. Although this isn't as pigmented as I'd usually like, it's the perfect sheer gloss.

Where To Buy: Sephora

MAC In The Groove & Alice + Olivia are now available online..

MAC site- In The Groove here and Alice + Olivia here. Yes, Stereo Rose is sold out! I was iffy about it but purchased 2 last minute through pre-sale at my local counter on yesterday (the MUA told me they were already almost out.)

Nordstrom.com- In The Groove here. Stereo Rose is not sold out yet.

In The Groove and Alice + Olivia officially launch in stores on Thursday, July 8th (U.S.)

Awesome E.L.F. sale..

I got an email yesterday at around noon saying the 60% off deal was supposed to last for only 6hrs but I guess it's been extended! Now I'm glad I didn't use the 50% off Studio Line discount a few weeks ago -this is one of the best E.L.F. promos I've seen!

About the grading system.. I'm still working on this whole grading system. I know it doesn't add up "correctly" in terms of the "overall grade" but I'm trying to figure it out. Basically, you can consider each individual grade as a "separate grade" for each category (product, packaging, value..) but the overall grade is summed up of what I think of the product as a whole.

I excluded the individual product, value, and packaging grades from the last couple posts because I was trying to figure it all out but I'm adding them back in because I feel those categories are really important and should be looked at individually. Anyways, I'll be working on it so that all the grades add up to an "overall grade" that actually makes more sense!

Sometimes, for instance, the grades will add up to say a 25/30 (each category is worth 10 points), which should technically be a B- but I'll give it a B+ instead. The reason I do that is because I look as the "product" as being more important than the packaging and value.


  1. I'll wait for your review of Stereo Rose. Haven't seen it in person but so far there's a craze for it just like Marine Life. From the swatches, it looks so coral with a metallic sheen. I'm not tempted at all...should I be??

  2. LOL to be honest, from the swatches I've seen, I haven't been tempted either BUT I bought it just in case it was amazing. I haven't been to the mall in awhile and probably won't until the collection comes out so I wanted to do presales just in case I fell in love with it. If not, I can always return right after I swatch the testers. However, if I hold out and I end up loving it, it'll be too hard to find!

    Will do a review when I get it!

  3. Ah, I just saw that ELF sale but too bad it's only for purchases over $25!

    Btw, awesome prizes...and that's so sweet of you to have more that one winner. I am seriously so excited for your giveaway!

  4. Hey! I thought the same thing! But the thing is, your total has to be a minimum of $25 before the promo code is added. Once it was added, my total was like $10! (Plus I think $6.95 for shipping) ..So everything ended up being just under $17. I just hate their shipping prices though -pretty expensive for makeup.

    And thanks! I'm super excited for it too. =)

  5. Ooh I wish I had known about the elf sale sooner, I just cancelled my email subscription to them haha! The lipgloss looks really pretty on you, I'm a sucker for nude anything really! x

  6. Aww.. well there's always the next sale. And thanks Ariel! I'm a total "nude addict" too.

  7. i love sugar baby. it looks natural but glamorous at the same time!!! LUV IT!!!