Monday, July 26, 2010

Quickies: Essence Of Beauty Make-Up Remover Non-Oily (Super Steal!!)

Repurchase: Maybe
Price: $5.99 (4 fl oz)
Product: 9.5/10
Packaging: 8.5/10
Value: 10/10
Overall Grade: A
I'm currently in the process of switching laptops so I've been trying to clean up my bazillions of files as much as possible. This Essence of Beauty Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover (Non-Oily) was on my huge to-do list so I decided to make it a "quickie."
The Essence of Beauty line (I believe) is sold exclusively at CVS stores. I'm already half way through my 2nd bottle of this stuff (I'd say a full bottle will last about 5 months.. and I wear makeup about 3-5 times a week.)
The Packaging: The bottle is nothing unique but it is simple and efficient. The bottle is clear with a white cap. The top of the bottle has a hole in it -you'll need a cotton puff or pad thingy so that you can pour the remover onto it.

The Product: This is a double phase liquid makeup remover. To use it, you have to shake up the bottle (to mix the "water" and "oil" layers) and put the product on a cotton pad. Then, just wipe away all your makeup.
At $5.99, this is an excellent makeup remover. It removes the heaviest makeup (I've tried this on eyes, face, and lips), including waterproof mascara, without any effort whatsoever. Also, it doesn't sting my eyes. There's a slight "perfumey" scent to it but it's nothing overwhelming or bothersome.
The only problem I have with it is that it dries out the skin around my eyes. I did not mark down the grade for that because it is a "non-oily" makeup remover. Knowing that I have eczema and super dry skin, it's pretty much a given that a non-oily product will dry me out. I need that oil! I've recommended the remover to many people and have found out that this doesn't dry out people with "normal/oily" skin so it wouldn't be fair to mark down the grade just because it dries me out.

Overall: At just $5.99, this is one of the cheaper and better makeup removers at the drugstore. It removes all my makeup without having to put in any effort. The only downside is that very dry-skinned ladies like me may notice some dryness.
Because of that, I've marked the "repurchase" category as a "maybe." I'll be looking for a new makeup remover that has the same good qualities but I'll need something that doesn't dry me out. This will be excellent for normal to oily-skinned ladies and I do recommend that even dry-skinned ladies give it a try (my skin isn't just the "average" dry skin, it's extremely dry.)

Where To Buy: CVS


  1. I love their brushes, especially the one that looks like the MAC 168. Their sponges are nice too. I might have to try this since the one I got at Target is horrible! It has such a strong rose scent that burns and it doesn't even do a good job at taking off my eye make fail!

  2. I've never tried the brushes but now I want to! And that's terrible that the Target makeup remove burns your eyes -I can't stand eye burning!! =O