Thursday, July 22, 2010

We Can Make A Difference.. Sign The Petition!

There has been a lot of chaos going on since the MAC for Rodarte collection information was released. I don't want to make this long -you already know my thoughts concerning the situation. Today, I ran into a petition that is basically requesting that MAC and Rodarte donate all of the MAC for Rodarte profits to helping the women in Juarez. Mac has already stated that they will be making a donation of $100,000, which is quite generous, but with this petition, we are trying to urge MAC to donate all the proceeds.

With Viva Glam, MAC is so generous in donating every cent of each lipstick sold to people living with HIV/Aids so why not do the same for these women in Juarez? Let's gather together to get as many signatures as possible. It's super easy -all you need to do is sign your name and fill in your email.

Signing this petition is a great way to join the cause and help these women in Juarez. I know that not everyone has the extra cash to donate -this is an easy way to help if you cannot donate at this time. Not all of us are blessed with the extra cash -some of us have kids, some of us are in school, some of us are out of work, etc. And if you can contribute, anything from a dollar to $100 would make a big difference.

I've put a link up in the sidebar to take you directly to the petition page in case people decide to sign later on. To sign now, click here. That link will also inform you on all the details. Please spread the word -link the petition to your blog, email your friends and family, and so on. Together, we can make that difference!

Also, if you'd like to make a donation, check out Pretty in Dayton's list here.

P.S. If you're signature doesn't appear right away, don't be alarmed. Mine didn't either but later on in the day, I got a follow-up email and when I checked back, my name was there.


  1. I am following some blogs and out of all those you are the one who is taking this issue very seriously and blogging about it continuosly I think it's really nice of you atleast people are getting awareness about all this, in your own way you are doing whatever you can do I always appreciate people who care about others who are suffering and who need help so well done.I have signed the petition and I pray for them because I really believe in prayers.

  2. Just signed, thanks for letting us know :) x

  3. I will definitely sign this..

    Also, I gave you an award on my blog... I know you gave me one ages ago and I need to return the favour. ;)

  4. @ Alvira.. There are many bloggers taking the issue seriously and I'm just trying to do what I can. I really appreciate everyone's efforts in this whole thing, whether it's the bloggers or readers. I too appreciate people who do whatever they can whether it's small or big -all efforts count. I believe in prayer too Alvira and I really hope this petition helps!

    @ Ariel.. Glad you signed -please spread the word!

    @ Justine.. Awesome. =) Please spread the word about the petition.

    And thanks for awarding me -that's so sweet of you!

  5. Thanks for posting this! Hopefully MAC will listen, then I'd feel like I made somewhat of a difference : )

  6. Yea, I hope so too. If we can just get enough signatures, maybe they'll budge.