Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trident Layers Wild Strawberry + Tangy Citrus

Repurchase: No
Price: Around $1.00
Product: 6.8/10
Packaging: 10/10
Value: 9/10
Overall Grade: C-
I’d been wanting to try the Trident Layers gum for months since I started seeing all those commercials –guess their marketing strategies do work! (They’re the commercials where everybody wants to be paid in gum.) I was pretty excited when I saw the Trident pack sitting on the kitchen counter –I just had to try it.
The Packaging: With a simple red and white layout, the packaging is very neat and clean. I’m a fan of clean lines and artsy wildness. The strawberry with the orange slice in the middle is also very cute.
The Product: Let me tell you, this gum is thick! It’s probably 3 times the “thickness” of other chewing gums like Stride and Orbit. When I took the first bite, I immediately tasted a strong citrus flavor but after a few moments, the strawberry kicked in. It doesn’t switch between flavors back and forth though –the rest of the “chew” is a mix between both the orange and strawberry flavors. The idea is sort of like the Stride Shift Gum I reviewed but I think this tastes much better (doesn't necessarily mean I like the taste though.) The flavor starts to fade after about 15 minutes. My breath feels a little fresher but not a whole lot. Many other chewing gums on the market taste much better and last longer –including other Trident gums I've tried.
Above from left: Trident Layers, Stride Gum
Above: Trident Layers
Overall: There are other gums on the market that last longer and taste better so to me, this gum is under average –which is the reason for the C- grade (packaging and value bumped it up a grade.) Plus, the taste really wasn’t all that delicious. It was fun experimenting to see how it tasted but I wouldn’t buy it again.


  1. LMAO! I love that commercial, especially the look the mail man has on his face when he says "I looove Trident layers!" lol I tried this gum, and yea I thought it was just OK. I found a really good flavor, it's by Extra fruit sensations or something in STRAWBERRY BANANA, it's in a pink package and it is soooo good!

  2. Kali..u seriously need to stop it with the gum! LOL you're as bad as the commercial, making me want to go out and try this stuff. Good thing you don't like it but I still want to try that flavor changing gum. hahahha.

  3. @ Val.. I LOVEEE the commercial where everyone's being paid in gum instead of money except for 1 guy and he's all sad because he doesn't get paid in gum. Watch here:


    OMGosh you just reminded me of that gum. I LOVE that gum -so yummy. I'm getting some first thing in the morning.

    @ Kristie.. LOL I'm sorry!! I just love gum! =P Pleaseee don't get the Stride gum -it's not very good. I've only had 2 sticks since I reviewed it! Go for the one Val recommended above. =)