Thursday, July 22, 2010

MAC Fabulous Felines (Updated With Full Collection Promo Pics & Details)

While I'm still disappointed at the whole situation with the MAC for Rodarte collection, I will continue to buy from MAC in the future. I doubt that I'd be "happy enough" with them to buy anything from the Rodarte collection though as I'm still upset with the way they treated the whole issue -simply donating and changing the names of the products does not excuse them for what they did. However, at least they did turn a negative into somewhat of a positive. Like weeks/months before this whole fiasco, I continue to be excited for their upcoming Fabulous Felines and Venomous Villains collections.

Note: I'm not going to strip MAC of all the good things they've done. They messed up with MAC for Rodarte, which is why I'll likely sit out on that collection, but like I've mentioned before, they do have their very good points with the MAC Aids Fund and Kids Helping Kids. Prior to the MAC for Rodarte Collection, I always praised MAC as being a brand who helps others (I even did a project for school on MAC!) -I just hope they never do what they did with Rodarte again. And if you plan on hauling products from MAC for Rodarte, I'm not trying to offend or judge you in any way -this is just how I personally feel at the moment.

Onto Fabulous Felines!

U.S. Launch Date: August 26, 2010
International Launch Date: September 2010

Part 1: Palace Pedigreeed

 Palace Pedigreeed Eyeshadow Quad ($36.00 USD/$43.00 CDN)
1. Courtly Life (LE) (Satin)- Frosted muted light beige
2. Palace Pedigreeed (LE) (Satin)- Deep berry with soft pink pearl
3. Quite Spoiled (LE) (Satin)- Mid-tone neutral mauve
4. Russian Blue (LE) (Matte)- Deep neutral grey

Pigment ($19.50 USD/$23.50 CDN)
1. Bloodline (LE) (Frost)- Dark dirty browned purple
2. Mauvement (LE, Repromote from Rushmetal) (Frost)- Cool taupe with gold pearlized pigments

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner ($17.50 USD/$19.00 CDN)
Superslick liquid eyeliner is an innovative dip liquid liner with intense colour payoff and a high level of coverage and allows for quick and precise application. The flexible flocked “magic tip” of the applicator is extremely easy to control. Let your eyes sparkle with this super shiny, super long-wear and water-resistant eyeliner.
1. Nocturnal (LE)- Bright silver pearl
2. Signature Blue (LE)- Dark navy with soft pearl
3. Smoky Noir (LE)- Dark blue violet with soft pearl

Plushlash Mascara ($13.00 USD/$15.50 CDN)
Plushblack (Permanent)- True black

Lipstick ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
1. Aristo-cat (LE) (Frost)- Mid-tone frosted purple mauve
2. Of Royalty (LE) (Cremesheen)- Light creamy blue pink
3. Superior (LE) (Dazzle)- Sheer lavender pink with dazzle pink pearl
4. Cunning (LE) (Frost)- Dark berry

Lipglass ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
1. Best of Breed (LE) (Frost)- Light dirty blue with pearl
2. Docile (LE) (Frost)- Dirty lavender with pearl
3. Lap of Luxory (LE) (Frost)- Dark eggplant with pearl

Cremestick Liner ($14.50 USD/$17.00 CDN)
Beurre (Permanent) (Cream)- Dirtied plum

Mineralize Blush ($21.00 USD/$25.00 CDN)
Pet Me (LE) (Frost)- Light yellow pink with soft pearl

Brush ($ Unknown)
168SH Brush (LE)- Large angled contour brush with short handle

Promo Pics for Palace Pedigreeed..

Part 2: Leopard Luxe

Leopard Luxe Eyeshadow Quad ($36.00 USD/$43.00 CDN)
1. Furiously Fabulous (LE) (Veluxe Pearl)- Frosted warm black
2. Notoriety (LE, Repromote from Makeup Art Cosmetics) (Velvet)- Mid-tone brown with gold pearl
3. Style Predator (LE) (Veluxe Pearl)- Frosted mid-tone yellow orange
4. Wild by Nature (LE) (Matte)- Mid-tone camel

Pigment ($19.50 USD/$23.50 CDN)
1. Lithe (LE) (Frost)- Warm nude with gold pearl
2. Old Gold(Permanent) (Frost)- High frosted tarnished gold

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner ($17.50/$19.00 USD)
1. For Glamour (LE)- Mid-tone grey with soft pearl
2. On the Hunt (LE)- True black
3. Pure Snow (LE)- Bright yellow gold pearl

Plushlash Mascara ($13.00 USD/$15.50 CDN)
Plushblack (Permanent)- True black

Lipstick ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
1. Drive Me Wild (LE) (Cremesheen)- Mid-tone warm coral with gold pearl
2. Powerful (LE) (Dazzle)- Mid-tone bronze with dazzle multi-pearl
3. The Prowl (LE) (Lustre)- Creamy dark chocolate
4. Out-Minxed (LE) (Glaze)- Light yellow gold

Lipglass ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
1. A Quiet Roar (LE) (Frost)- Pale white gold
2. Wildly Refined (LE) (Frost)- Mid-tone coral with gold pearl
3. Schemer (LE) (Frost)- Mid-tone yellow camel with red and gold pearl

Cremestick Liner ($14.50 USD/$17.00 CDN)
1. Creamola (Permanent) (Cream)- Low-down tan
2. Cremekiss (LE) (Cream)- Clean apricot coral

Mineralize Blush ($21.00 USD/$25.00 CDN)
Utterly Game (LE) (Frost)- Warm peach with soft pearl

Cosmetic Bag ($ Unknown)
Leopard Luxe Bag (LE)- Gusseted cosmetic bag with an Ocelot brown trim in a corresponding color

Promo Pics for Leopard Luxe..

Part 3: Burmese Beauty

Burmese Beauty Eyeshadow Quad ($36.00 USD/$43.00 CDN)
1. Burmese Beauty (LE) (Lustre)- Frosted brown green
2. Prized (LE) (Satin)- Pale yellow beige
3. Showstopper (LE, Repromote) (Matte)- Soft smoked black
4. Skintone 2 (LE, Repromote from Makeup Art Costmetics) (Frost)- Mid-tone gold

Pigment ($19.50 USD/$23.50 CDN)
1. Antique Green (LE, Repromote)- Turquoise green with green pearlized pigments
2. Gold Stroke (LE, Repromote)- Mid-tone chocolate brown with red pearl

Superslick Liquid Eyeliner ($17.50 USD/$19.00 CDN)
1. Definitely Feline (LE)- Chocolate brown with soft pearl
2. Desires & Devices (LE)- Sparkling dark green
3. Treat Me Nice (LE)- Emerald green with soft pearl

Plushlash Mascara ($13.00 USD/$15.50 CDN)
Plushblack (Permanent)- True Black

Lipstick ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
1. Kittenish (LE) (Cremesheen)- Deep red berry
2. Liquid (LE) (Dazzle)- Light yellow green with dazzle multi-pearl
3. Pet Me Please (LE) (Frost)- Frosted light dirty mauve
4. To Pamper (LE) (Lustre)- Creamy mid-tone taupe

Lipglass ($14.00 USD/$16.50 CDN)
1. Fancy Cat (LE)- Dark dirty brown with pearl
2. Jealous (LE)- Light dirty green with pearl
3. Spree (LE)- Pink champagne taupe.

Cremestick Liner ($14.50 USD/$17.00 CDN)
Velvetella (Permanent) (Cream)- Blackened plum

Mineralize Blush ($21.00 USD/$25.00 CDN)
The Soft Meow (LE)- Mid-tone golden bronze with soft pearl

Promo Pics for Burmese Beauty..


I know I'm constantly making lists of "things I want" but after I saw the swatches, I made an updated list for Fabulous Felines. I tried to make the list as short as possible:

1. Leopard Luxe Quad- $36.00
2. Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in "Pure Snow"- $17.50
3. Mineralize Blush in "Utterly Game"- $21.00
4. Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in "Desires & Devices"- $17.50
5. Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in "Definitely Feline"- $17.50
6. Superslick Liquid Eyeliner in "Treat Me Nice"- $17.50
7. Pigment in "Lithe"- $19.50

For swatches, click here.

Credit for images goes to ChicProfileErin, & Christine.


  1. I'm so excited about this LE!! :D

  2. My head's spinning. There are so many products..jeez..I'm on a blush phase right now so only blushes are on my radar. Did you make a nice long list? ;)

  3. @ Judith.. Me too!

    @ Kristie.. OMGosh.. me too! I'm on the whole blush, highlighter, bronzer kick and it's BAD since those tend to cost more than lipsticks or eyeshadow singles.

    I made a list at the bottom of the post. It's rather small -only 7 things!