Friday, July 30, 2010

NeoStrata + My Current Skincare Routine

I wanted to share with you the skincare routine I've been using for the last month and a half or so.

First off, let me introduce you to "my skin" prior to the start of the new "routine." I have eczema which of course results in my skin being extra dry -dryer than "regular" dry skin. I don't often get acne -maybe a small pimple every 2 weeks or so. Usually once a month, probably because of my "friend's" monthly visit, I'll get 1-2 huge, painful cyst type of pimples filled with nasty pus -I know.. probably a little over share. The only thing I used to use was CeraVe Lotion, Cetaphil Cleanser, and my Essence of Beauty Makeup Remover to remover my makeup.

Earlier in June, I was contacted by the lovely Caitlin from NeoStrata. She sent me 2 projects to try -the Facial Cleanser ($28.00 for 6 oz) and the Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15 ($38.00 for 1.4 oz.) I've added both to my new routine.

Daytime Protection Cream Ingredients
Facial Cleanser Ingredients
 Here's the "new" routine:

1. Every morning, I start off washing my face with just plain ol' water and Cetaphil Cleanser (I ran out of the "facial" kind which seems to feel better on my face but there's no difference in the results.)

2. After that, I either apply CeraVe Lotion or Cetaphil Lotion or both (CeraVe first, Cetaphil on top.)

3. I then apply the NeoStrata Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15. If I'm going to be in the sun for more than an hour, I'll alternate between Clarins UV Plus Day Screen High Protection SPF 40, Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 45 Untinted, and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 70.

4. Apply Jack Black Intense Therapy Balm.

5. When the day's over, I use my Essence of Beauty Makeup Remover to wipe away all of my makeup.

6. I then wash my face again with the NeoStrata Facial Cleanser.

7. Then, I moisturize my face with CeraVe Lotion or Cetaphil Lotion or both and apply Jack Black Intense Therapy Balm again.

So has my skin improved??

YES!! After following this routine for a month and a half, I haven't gotten any cysts or pimples with pus in them. I also haven't gotten as many tiny pimples -only 1 so far and it's more like a bump on my forehead that just hasn't gone away (I've just had that same "pimple" since forever and it never seems to fully go away.) Other than that, everything's been pretty great!

So, have the NeoStrata products been effective?

1. NeoStrata Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15- I love this stuff. I'm used to most sunscreen products being thick, heavy, greasy, and smelly and this is the total opposite. It's light and feels like my regular lotion -I don't even feel like I'm wearing sunscreen. Products that contain SPF usually dry out my skin and I'm to report that this actually feels moisturizing. I also love that there is no smelly sunscreen scent or any scent at all for that matter -I hate scented skincare products. Oh and another plus? This doesn't make my face look white in pictures! Most products containing SPF will do that to you. The only downside is that it only contains SPF 15 -I'd like it be higher.

2. NeoStrata Facial Cleanser- I've been using this religiously every night so I have this to thank for my nearly pimple-less last month and a half. After cleaning my face with this, my skin is very soft, smooth, and supple. I've also noticed that my skin is a little brighter and not as red as before. I love that this cleanser is so gentle and cleans my sensitive skin without irritating it (no scent either.) I find absolutely no flaw in the cleanser and am in love with it.

Result Photo!

Nearly clear skin! This is me with no foundation or tinted moisturizer -just my lotion and the NeoStrata Cream on top. I have that pesky pimple on my forehead though. The reason my forehead looks so dry is because the night before (taking this pic), I applied some acne medicine on top. The medicine really dries out my skin.

Overall, I'm very happy with my experience of the 2 NeoStrata products I tried. The Daytime Protection Cream SPF 15 is a wonderful product -but I'm not sure if I'd shell out $38.00 for such a small tube that only contains 1.4 oz. I'm also looking for something with a higher SPF. The Facial Cleanser on the other hand is an absolute gem. While my Cetaphil Cleanser works OK for cleaning my face, this really gets rid of the dirt so that I get practically no acne, my skin is brighter and not as red, and my face is as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom. This will definitely be a repurchase.

Disclaimer: The 2 NeoStrata products were sent to me for consideration by the company. The review is based fully on my own opinion and thoughts of the products. I do not get paid to do reviews -my focus is bringing all readers honest, helpful reviews. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. =)


  1. As a teen I used to have bad skin on my face. My dermotologist recommended me to use Cetaphil products, and they certainly helped.

    Hope you will get a chance to enter my giveaway of $50 to the Cheesecake Factory :).

  2. @ PetiteGorgeous.. My dermatologist too has been recommending Cetaphil to me for over 10 years. I have such sensitive skin I can't use much else. I've also been using the CeraVe under his advice. I think both brands are great!

  3. Damn girl your skin is so flawlessss! Gorgeous! :D I wish my skin looked like yours! :(

    I have really dry skin too and I always get the occasional giant pimple or two... so I'm always on the lookout for products that can help me out. The NeoStrata facial cleanser sounds really awesome! I haven't tried Cetaphil products yet but I want to eventually! Are there any you would recommend?

  4. Your skin looks great! My mom uses some neostrata products, maybe I'll have to try them out :) x

  5. @ Erynn.. Aww thank you. =) I guess that's the good part of having dry skin -not much acne.

    Hmm.. Cetaphil products I'd recommend are the Cetaphil Cleanser (for the body.) I find the "regular" bar or liquid soaps really, really dry out my skin even though they're so much fancier and smell nicer. The Cetaphil cleanser will not dry out your skin (and has no scent.)

    I also have been really liking the Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion lately -it has a thicker formula and is really hyrdrating. I use this on my face and body.

    The Cetaphil Cream (in a huge tub) is also nice. I used to use it more but I've switched to the lotion. This can be used on your face and body. It is very thick in texture but is also rich and creamy.

    The great thing about Cetaphil is that it's inexpensive and over the counter.

    Something else I really like is the CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion (blue label.) It can be used on the face and body and has a runnier formula. I've turned MANY people onto this lotion -even my boyfriend and guy friends like it. This is available over the counter as well.

  6. At PoorCollegeStudent.. I get it with a prescription -it's a Benzoyl Peroxide Gel and comes in a small jar. I really don't know the "brand name" as I have the generic version.

    I honestly don't like it a whole lot though because it dries out my skin so much.. that's the reason my forehead looks so dry in the picture. I use it for "emergency" pimples though. It doesn't make the pimple disappear but helps to make it a little smaller.

    @ Maria Elizabeth.. Thanks girl =)

    @ Ariel.. Thanks. =) This is my first time trying NeoStrata and I really like the products I tried. They're a little more expensive than my usual drugstore finds though. =P