Monday, July 26, 2010

Quickies: Milani Nail Lacquers in Rasberry Fusion, Ruby Jewels, & Hi-Res

You'll be see many "quickies" in the next few weeks (don't worry, I'll still be doing in depth reviews of newer products and random babbles and postings as usual.) I'm really trying to get these products off my to-do list and I apologize if some of the products are a little "older."
I'm sure many other beauty bloggers do this but I tend to buy more than I can review. One shopping trip can equal 2-3 weeks of reviews (if I do about 5 reviews per week.) Often times, I'll procrastinate for so long that I'll end up never even reviewing a product. Please let me know if you dislike seeing older reviews.
About 4 months ago (see I told you I lag!), I purchased 3 Milani nail lacquers..

Raspberry Fusion- $4.49 (0.45 fl oz) (1st from left in above pic)
This is a medium toned, bright sort of hot pink base with pink glitter. It's a little sheer and I had to apply 3 coats. On my nails, there are random patches with no glitter and then there are areas with tons of glitter which bothers me (could be because I totally stink when it comes to applying nail polish.) I honestly didn't like this too much and have given it away since buying it.

Ruby Jewels- $4.49 (0.45 fl oz) (2nd from left in above pic)
This shade is delicious! It's a medium toned, candy apple red base with lots of bright red glitter. It reminds me of Dorothy's (from the Wizard of Oz) glittery red slippers. I could've gotten away with only 1 coat but did 2 to be safe.

Hi-Res (3D Holographic Collection)- $4.99 (0.45 fl oz) (3rd from left in above pic)
Of the 3, this is my favorite and sadly, I don't think it's even available at CVS anymore (it's available online at the Milani site though.) (EDIT on 08/05/10: MY CVS recently started carrything these again.) This is a beautiful polish with a shimmery purple base and silvery purple and gold glitter. I can also see bits of green, blue and pink in there. There is already lots of color by applying just 1 coat but 2 coats evens things out and makes the polish look a lot more "3D" giving the best results. For swatches of the entire 3D Holographic Collection, click here.


BEWARE: I probably have the worse nails ever compared to any other girl on Earth! This is when I just cut them too..
From left (no flash): Hi-Res, Raspberry Fusion, Ruby Jewels

Overall: I really like Ruby Jewels and Hi-Res and will definitely be looking into getting more Milani polishes. I didn't think Raspberry Fusion was all that great but hopefully the majority of Milani's polishes are really good and Raspberry Fusion is just one of the duds.

Where To Buy: CVS, Target, Milani


  1. I like Hi-Res!! I totally hear you on the over buying and unable to review it all. But we're girlie girls, having a makeup blog is a great excuse for us to shop!! ;)


  2. LOL I know! I use the makeup blog excuse way too much. =P

  3. I haven't tried Milani's polishes yet, so now I need to. Though I'll have to wait until they go on bogo, first : ) I'll be on the look out for Hi Res and Ruby Jewels

  4. Definitely wait for the sales.. I really like Hi-Res. =)