Friday, July 23, 2010

Quickies: Some CVS Clearance Sale Lovin'

I visited my local CVS last night looking for the Extra Fruit Sensations Strawberry Banana Gum that Val had mentioned the other day. They didn’t have it (I was so sad!) so I figured I better buy something to make my trip worthwhile. I wandered off to the far end of the store and found a big cart filled with random knick knacks. To the right was 3 baskets full of clearance makeup! Jackpot! =)
Here's what I got:
1. Revlon Quad in Summer Suedes- $1.74
2. Revlon Polish in Peach Petal- $1.25
3. Maybelline Express Finish Polish in Pink Sophistication- $1.25
4. Ardell Complete Brow Grooming Set- $1.74
I don't know what the retail prices were but I paid a total of just $6.53 (tax included.)
 Revlon Summer Suedes Quad (Daydreamer Collection)
This is the limited edition quad from the Daydreamer Collection. I originally wanted it when it first came out but passed it up knowing I wouldn't use all the colors included. However, at just $1.74, it was a steal!
The palette (no mirror, just clear lid) includes 4 shades that I would've never expected to be put together. The eyeshadows are all decently pigmented with the 2nd (brown) and 4rd (orange) shades being the best in terms of color payoff. Each shade applies smoothly and has a nice "sheen" to it. I like it but I don't think I'd pay full price since I only really like the brown and orange.
The Color: (From top to bottom) (Each shade has subtle shimmer)
1. Light blue-gray (slightly chalky)
2. Chocolate brown with iridescent teal pearl (I've heard of this being a dupe for MAC's Club eyeshadow)
3. Very pale, baby pink
4. Deep reddish orange
 Above (no flash): Revlon Summer Suedes Quad- shades swatched from top to bottom of quad
 Maybelline Express Finish Polish in Pink Sophistication (Sweet Thing Collection) & Revlon Polish in Peach Petal (Daydreamer Collection)
Maybelline Pink Sophistication
This limited edition shade is from Maybelline's popular Sweet Thing collection. I remember the polishes being a huge hit and if I were to have gotten any shade back then, I would've chose this one. I really like the bright, pastel girly pink -it's very Malibu Barbie. The color reminds me of MAC's Saint Germain lipstick. I'm not the best at describing polishes as I rarely wear them but the formula, to me, is slightly clumpy but cleans up nice after 2 coats.
Revlon Peach Petal
This too is from the Daydreamer collection. This is a fabulous opaque, creamy, pastel peach with a hint of pink. My little sister said it was pretty and reminded her of Angels. I really love this shade. The formula is pretty good although it's slightly runny to me. It needs 2 coats.

 Above (no flash) from left: Maybelline Express Finish Polish in Pink Sophistication, Revlon Polish in Peach Petal
Above (no flash) from left: MAC Lipstick in Saint Germain, Maybelline Express Finish Polish in Pink Sophistication
 Ardell Complete Brow Grooming Kit
The Ardell Brow Kit comes with 4 different tools: (from left to right.. see picture below)
1. Precision Shaper- I'm really liking this razor. It's very small so it can get into all those "tight spaces." It shaves off all the hairs without leaving being those "stubby, short hairs." I've also tried it on my upper lip (aka mustache area) and it works great there too. The only thing I don't like is that the blade is a little "scratchy."
2. Trim & Shape Razor- I've been using this for about a year now. The one that came with the kit is travel size and smaller than the regular ones. I really like this for inbetween my brows -it's just the perfect size for it. I also use it for underneath the brows on the eyelid area. It's a little too big for tighter spaces though. Also, I can't imagine anyone cutting themselves with this. The blade doesn't feel sharp at all yet it gets rid of all the hairs.
3. Brow Grooming Pencil- This is a wax pencil that's used to keep all the hairs in place. It's a lot cheaper than the higher end options and works fine for me. An extra bonus is that it comes with its own sharpener.
4. Brow/Lash Comb- I haven't use this since I don't like using these. For my brows, I rather use a spoolie thing (mascara wand) and I prefer metal lash combs -they have finer "teeth" to separate the lashes.
Products Included in Kit
Product Details
That's it for my little haul! Check out your local CVS to see if there's any clearance makeup -I'll try to check other stores soon I hope all stores are having these great makeup clearance sales because I got everything for such a great deal.
Have a nice Friday. I'll be hanging with my boyfriend all day and hopefully squeezing in some shopping. What are your plans for tonight?


  1. OMG, I'm so jealous that you found those Revlon items on clearance. I hate Walgreens for never having clearance beauty items, haha. I love that Peach Petal nail polish!

  2. I like the pink nail polish..very nice. I think I'm going to be stuck playing a zombie video game again tonight. Darn zombies!

  3. PS- I just awarded you the I Heart Your Blog award! :)

  4. ooh the pink sophiscation looks SO nice, haha I've been looking for a bright barbie pink like that for a while, I shall check it out this weekend. the revlon polish is so cheap over there, here it costs $3.99 per bottle -_- and yeah I agree halloween is the time to dress more scandalous without being judged, hehe

  5. Wow, what awesome deals!! I want some! I love the eyebrow grooming kit :)


  6. @ Steph.. Aww do you have a CVS nearby? To me, they tend to have more sales than Walgreens. And thank you so much dear for the award. =)

    @ Kristie.. I love it too! And I'm confused.. Zombies?? What game is it? Sorry but sometimes I'm slow to get things!! =P

    @ Stephine.. Me too =)

    @ Pop Champagne.. I've been looking for one too and am so glad I've found it! Btw, it was only so cheap because of the sale. =) LOL yuppp.. girls go all out on halloween!! I haven't though for years.. But I'm more into looking creepy crawly now than being dolled up.

    @ Giddy Princess.. Yupp! Yay for bargain hauls.

    @ Laura Beth.. I know! I was thrilled to get everything for so cheap. The brow kit has been good to me -especially at just $1.74.

  7. I love finding good stuff on clearence! Great finds : ) That revlon quad looks really nice, the one I have sucks so bad!

    Man, my brows need that kit, bad! lol

  8. Oh I had a REALLY sucky Revlon quad too but this is WAY better.

    Check your CVS to see if there's anything on clearance! Hopefully you can find the kit. If not, I know the razors are sold separately.