Saturday, July 17, 2010

L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Metallic Shadow Duo in "510 Electrified"

Repurchase: No
Price: $7.99
Product: 8.5/10
Packaging: 7/10
Value: 8.5/10
Overall Grade: B
I kept hearing everywhere that the L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Metallic Shadow Duo in "510 Electrified" contained this amazing shade of taupe that caused quite a frenzy the last time it was out (this is a repromoted shade.) I heard that it was sold out too (the first time around) so I quickly ran over to my CVS to pick one up! (I believe there are 5 shades total in the new/repromoted collection.) So, does this drugstore bargain live up to the hype?
Helpful Hint: As with all drugstore cosmetics, I recommend waiting until the products are on sale before buying. I bought this at CVS when most L'Oreal eye products were on sale for $6 each. I also had a $1 off L'Oreal coupon (from the Sunday paper -they have L'Oreal coupsons pretty much every week) and another $1.50 off L'Oreal coupon that I got via the CVS "slot machine" (the price scanner/coupon printer.) Total cost? $3.50 before tax.
The Packaging: I've only owned one other HiP duo prior to this and the eyeshadow couldn't handle accidental drops and tosses (one side was shattered) so I'm weary of traveling with this. Other then that, I think the packaging is simple and handy. When you pop open the lid, you have the 2 eyeshadows. When you close the lid, flip it over, and pop open the "bottom lid", a little compartment with a sponge applicator is revealed.
The Product: Both shades are very pigmented, smooth, and not powdery at all -definitely one of the better drugstore eyeshadows I've seen in terms of color payoff. However, both shades had some medium fallout when applying it. I don't mind that too much but just be sure not to apply your concealer/foundation before using this duo. I didn't have any fall out (after application) throughout the day though since I wore it over a base and primer. Other than that, application is a breeze and I can't really complain about this duo.
The Color: Both shades are shimmery and pigmented.
1. Left- Light, slightly silvery taupe with shimmer. This shade looks foiled without actually being foiled.
2. Right- Deep, plummy brown with shimmer. (More plum than brown.)


 Above (no flash) from left: L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Metallic Shadow Duo in "Electrifiied"- Right, Left

Overall: I think this is a really good eyeshadow for the price. It doesn't compare to my favorite LORAC and NARS shadows but it's very good for a drugstore product. The only reason I can see someone not liking this is if they have a huge problem with fall out and/or hate frosty shades (the taupe is very frosty.)

Where To Buy: CVS, Rite Aid


  1. Thanks for reviewing this :) I have a few of the HIP eye shadows but I don't have this one. It seems pretty nice for a drugstore brand. I might pick some these up the next time they have a sale. I will be looking in the Sunday papers! :D Which is tomm! haha

  2. You're welcome doll. =) Definitely wait until the sales and pile up those coupons!

  3. I've been looking for this shade forever! I can't find it anywhere. There are no CVS OR Rite-Aids in my area, just walgreens.. AHHH I'm so upset :(

  4. Aww have you checked Walmart or even Target? I'm so surprised Walgreens doesn't have it. Maybe they'll get a shipment in soon -that happens a lot with my CVS. They often receive things really late.